What was the Jailer's purpose for Anduin?

I believe it was his unwavering dedication to the light that drew the Jailer to Anduin. He was also a very pure soul.

It could be due to Anduin fighting the control. We know from a few cutscenes he was trying to break free/fight the domination magic. Much like Arthas and the Lich King, a part of Anduin could have still had enough will to fight Arthas.

At least up until the end, when he was weakened by the raids attacks.

This expansion was really a super low key effort to let us all know that our characters are all teenagers. Damn Mall Walkers. Do some shopping for once!!!

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I think the jailer just wanted somebody to talk to, somebody who would listen to him. Anduin is about as easy going as a set of flannel sheets. He seemed like the perfect material for BAE.

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I just assumed the Jailer told Sylvanas to go to Bastion and get the sigil, and she was the one that came up with the big brain idea of sending someone else to do it.