What was the Jailer's purpose for Anduin?

Did the Jailer just need Anduin because his heroic personal qualities would allow him to enter the realm of Bastion? Could the Jailer just use any random Paladin then? Also was Arthas going to be used with same intentions as well?

The Jailer’s idea was to capture a bunch of heroes and see which one was purest that way he could have them sneak into Bastion to seal a sigle, and after if it worked then what was the plan for them? Just keep them around so we can have one more boss fight?

Seems like it was all wrapped up, but it really felt like it was just away to get us to go to the Shadowlands.

Yea it was to get to bastion basically.

I wanna know in the jailers first coup if he planned to use azeroth to remake reality

Didnt have any soul forges made

Idk how he’d even know about the planet if this was millennia ago as no souls from azeroth would go to SLs

If he just needed a world soul, why not use argus. Why bother with us at all. Guess he needed souls to get out of the maw? But he basically only needed sire’s anima stores to expand the maw vs the nelf souls

The whole story is a mess


When old men recruit adolescent boys I tend not to ask questions as to why and simply condemn them for the act.



Probably needed a pure world soul. Argus might had been corrupt by the time he learned that he need a world to fuel his engine.

The LK was just made to build a Soul Engine than?

Nippicular distraction.

That was the retcon, although they elude to arthas resisting the jailer

Idk why he decides to fight is during the anduin fight then

Im bad at paying attention to this stuff though cause none of it adds up

Put Human potential in the front of the Alliance.

There should always be a Human in front of the Alliance.

Let’s just settle on the fact that none of the story for this expansion made sense. Everyone who arrives in the shadowlands first comes to Oribos. That’s the check-in station. Then the arbiter sends you to your appropriate afterlife. Except us. We can move about freely between all the afterlives and something something something. Yeah. This story lost me before it even got started.


We were still alive so we could go about

A shirtless guy who’s into bondage picks a young man who pure of heart that way he can dominate them for thier own intentions is not something that you would expect to be in a game rated for teens.

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So glad I am not the only person whose mind went there :upside_down_face:.


When we arrive the Arbiter has been decommissioned and all souls fall into the maw that why we end up there. Were also still living so are souls have not been binded to a afterlife, which gives us freedom to more to anyone of them.

How many “pure of heart” teens do you know?

Teens nowadays are not as innocent as the teens of yesteryear what with the internet in the palms of their hands since their 'tweens!

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This Anduin the only unpure things he does are those that players write about on fanfic forums.

My favorite was how they kept going on about “Nobody escapes the MAW!” and then we literally get a portal to the Maw in Oribos later >.>


Yeah if you think teens of yesteryear were “pure” then I got a whole warehouse of bridges to sell you.

Edit - I’m sure a book will eventually come out that explains the finer details of the jailer and his grand master plan and the specifics behind it since SL questing and lore otherwise felt those details weren’t important enough to be included. I doubt it was purely to enter Bastion (since he had Mawsworn who could do that and Maldraxxus defectors who could do that and Dreadlords who could do that).

My guess is Anduin is just unfathomably powerful canonically while still retaining the means to be corrupted and that wielding a mournblade isn’t something anyone can just do willy nilly

Bad writing aside, yes what Blizzard wrote was the Jailer, an ancient timeless being, needed a boy like 20yrs old in order to infiltrate Bastion because his soul was so pure and good and stuffs. Also because Anduin’s potential is so vast (lol) he made for a good puppet soldier. You’d think there’d be more suitable candidates from the multiple different cosmos and trillions of souls that pour through, but Blizzard avoided that mess by going with this trend everything from Azeroth / born of Azeroth has super duper potential.

Oh, i’m with you.

I was making a point to Ogdenir that the game being rated T for teen means little and that he shouldn’t judge the teens of today as the sunflower children of decades gone by.

The game’s themes are just as “T for teens” as they have always been, so let’s not kinkshame the Jailer, nor Anduin for embracing the paladin or priestly ways.

Do the (official) books / lore say anywhere how old Anduin is currently?

I just play the game & leave the story/worldbuilding to the lorenerds, er afficianados! :star_struck:

Yeah, a lot of this story was a bit silly. But at least I get a whole expansion of being called something other than “Champion” all the time.

To be fairs, I dunno how much better “Maw Walker” is…at least yous could make fun memes out of Champyun.

Anyhoo, I ain’t sure the Jailer had much of a plans to begin with. I thinks it was more Sylvanas going, “Hey, I just wanna mess with this kid some more. Alreadys got his dad killed so why not.”

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