What was Done in the 54MB Patch today?

You do not list what was done anywhere on the Patch that was Downloaded today. so what gives why dont you show me what the update was for?

Look at wowhead. It was likely the raid tuning changes.

There are several micro patches that don’t explicitly tell you what it is. I’d even wager you haven’t the foggiest clue when they happen either.

But if you must know, clearly it was spyware specifically designed to find all your secrets, bypass any and all encryptions and protections, and give Blizzard full access and control to your PC and even home network and all devices.


You can put the Tin-foil hat down… here.

While a link from Wowhead, they DID post this on the official forums.

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THis Patch/Update was September 21s not September 20th.

Come on people yall talkin about the Hotfixes that were applies Yesterday, NOT THE PATCH I JUST DOWNLOADED TODAY SEPTEMBER 21, 2021 NOT THE HOT FIXES THAT WERE APPLIED AND DOWNLOADED YESTERDAY.

Reading is fundamental.

Read the actual notes.

”With realm restarts” - meaning those changes will go into effect today.

There was no “patch” downloaded today. A small hotfix for TBC came down this morning to address loot not dropping in SSC, as well as an actual patch for Heartstone.

Also, stop yelling. You’re acting like a Karen.


Did you not read what I said?

You obviously expecting a conspiracy-level answer and I gave it to you. Now you can go feel all smug and superior thinking you’re on the cusp of revealing some great threat level midnight plot and get your tweeting on.

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That’s just what they want you to believe. You will be assimilated.

(evil laugh)

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This here, is the prize. Thank you! lol

Karen, you need to calm down.


Lots of pictures of fruit. Dem sexy apples


Clearly it was to modify your accounts rng to give you nothing you need. Ever.

But only for you.

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The realm Sisters of Elune has been changed to Fruit of Elune.


Tracking your data for ads.

54MB? Probably added a rabbit to Elwynn.


btw for those who said Hotfixes makes me laugh my butt off cause HotFixes do not require any download or patch lol they on server side hence the Term “Hot” fixes.

They added a meme Gif .

Helps with the immersion. We need some more cat tails along the pond by Goldshire.


I would rather have seen either a 15% reduced diameter of the chains in painsmith or a reduced knockback. I wouldn’t complain if they took an entire row out of the floor either and widened the balls accordingly. I’m still not sure what to do about the spikes, but at least they did something.

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Nature’s hot dogs.

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