What vanilla server are you from?

I played Cenarius and Runetotem in Vanilla Wow. What realms did you play on?

Dunemaul then Drenden


quite a few but the main one was Hakkar

I was on doomhammer aswell

Lightbringer, took the transfer to Black Dragonflight when it opened up with the newer hardware.

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YO Black Dragonflight here too. Who was your main / faction?


Started on Uldum, Horde. (PvE) Had 2 x 60’s, but then…

Started on Stormreaver, Horde. (PvP) Had 2 x 60’s.

Also (I think this was still during Vanilla) started on Hakkar, Alliance (PvP)

gorgonnash horde side ,
went alliance this time around

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I was on proudmore and destromath after a merge. Same name, Ghim.

In 2005 I was a Star Wars Galaxies refugee. The server I played on that game was Tempest. I left with some online friends I had in that game and joined the World of Warcraft. I started as a Human Rogue on Thunderlord. First thing that caught my eye after character creation right off the bat was the NPC voiceover just by clicking them. That alone had me immersed.

I however was a complete noob to theme park style MMO’s with linear style class design and progression since SWG was a sandbox with 32 professions and a skill point system. I realized that I was bad and I kept dieing as a Rogue. So I switched to a Night Elf hunter and started strong, got to lvl 45 and I remember killing 60’s and even winning a duel vs a 60 paladin.

However real life friends started to catch interest. They wanted to be Horde and I realized already at that point that Horde was superior in PvP/BGs which is what my preference was and Thunderlord had Que times. So I joined the Horde on a newer server Garithos and made an Undead Rogue. I didn’t even make it past Brill, because again I sucked and died constantly.

It was then that I noticed a Warlock shooting drain life out of his hand like a Sith Lord! I was sold instantly and knew I needed to play a Warlock and feel like a Sith Lord with the force. So my classic characters now are Rogue/Warlock

I played from Vanilla-Wrath…and at some point half my characters seemingly were auto transferred to Korgath. Once Cataclysm dropped I got to max level and realized the game just wasn’t for me anymore. I came back for BFA after I heard classic launch release was confirmed. I played BFA with a free boost. Now I also realize that it’s not for me.

Classic is for me. Classic is home. Star Wars Galaxies refugee turned Vanilla WoW refugee.

I’m back!

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I played a Night Elf Rogue on Cenarious! Back in 2005 or so.

Frostmane representing.

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gorgonnash rep

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Dragon… Sorry… LAGonmaw!

My first MMO was Ultima online , that was a sandbox mmo, I miss those games.

Icecrown native, was a night elf hunter named Fate.

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Rexxar Horde side