What to play for shadowlands

So i have been playing for like 2 years right but just recently have gotten very into it LOL, I have been meaning to warrior for just about all my time, I really like arms, because fury kind of bores me, But I have struggled a lot with lack of healing, so I tried recently to level up a death night and play him. That went pretty well right, I did very well and enjoyed it, but I feel like maybe it is a little too slow for PVP or some thing. I don’t know, but I really really like warrior but the lack of self sustain is really really bad. I don’t want to play fury warrior, I really like arms, but no healing. Now I’m trying to decide what to Maine in Shadowlands, there are some classes I haven’t tried but I’m just not sure, anyone have any ideas on cool classes that I might like? :slight_smile:

I would try rogue, which offers three melee dps specs that all play very different. This will give you 3X the variety and extra nerf protection. Outlaw has been my fav in BFA. I preferred sin and sub in Legion. WW monk is fast, smooth, great visuals, best mobility, great sustain. but your stuck with only one spec. Outlaw is super high actions per minute like warrior and monk. Rogues have a 30 sec cd heal and plenty of escape tools. WW monk has the best sustain.

I personally like the combo point and energy system of rogue and WW monk better than the warrior rage bar. That said, I do enjoy arms and unholy as well. Rogues

If you’re struggling with lack of heals you might like ret paladin. I haven’t been keeping up too much with ret paladin changes going into Shadowlands, but if you were to start playing now they have selfless healer and word of glory talents, lay on hands, divine shield, shield of vengeance–so many abilities to help keep you alive.

I played a warrior for the first in Legion and wasn’t enjoying it, and someone suggested I try ret instead. You might also enjoy it!

Probs the same roster I have run with for the last fee expansions. Druid healer, dk tanks and mage dps though im thinking of sitting the mage for hunter instead