What to Expect in Visions of N’Zoth and Season 4

My 11 max level alts (most of them boosted via Korrak) would like to know this as well.

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PTR testing found that no pieces obtained before the new season scrap into residuum. So either scrap it now for gold later, or just scrap the middle week pieces for their materials, similar to what we have to do with the current blues.


It should be converted to gold, if the PTR behavior holds up.

Um can you please stop making our artifact knowledge worthless every patch? So annoying. Never farming that again.

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Artifact knowledge was never farmed, its automatic lmao.

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Trying to answer this with great specificity:

After the content update (in this region, on Tuesday, January 14 starting at 7:00 a.m. PST), we remain in Season 3 for one week. So any Mythic Keystone rewards chests that you’ll open any time before the weekly reset on Tuesday, January 28 (in this region) will be Season 3 chests. They will not contain Titan Residuum.

Those chests will reward double the usual AP.

In Visions of N’Zoth, Titan Residuum is only obtainable from Season 4 chests and Season 4 Azerite items.


Silly question, but if one party sync’s with someone who has not completed the initial quests for 10k Coalescing Visions (called Accessing the Archives) will both people get the 10k?

I think this is a perfectly clear answer, thank you very much. Also very helpful to know that the chests before the Jan 28th will provide additional AP, as well as knowing there’s no need to hoard anything prior to the 28th!!!

Do i have time this next week during the off season to complete my S3 Keystone Master achiv or it ends this week?

its specifically posted somewhere that you cant get it next week

Just to clarify the dropping by 4 levels includes the usual -1 decay, correct?

Just to clarify the dropping by 4 levels includes the usual -1 decay, correct?

Can we get clarification if it’s 4 levels on top of the additional weekly level of decay? or if it’s a 20 the week of the 14th to open up a 15 key the week of the 21st.

I understand this point … but with M+ getting an extra 5 levels of scaling rewards above a +10… the rewards in the middle levels aren’t just getting 30 added to them, right? For example, just adding 30 ilvls to current +10 rewards would make the End of Dungeon loot 465… which would equal what a +15 is stated to give. I need a table or some kind of visual aid to better understand the changes coming this season with regards to M+ rewards.

I could have sworn there was a Blue post with a simple table of rewards for M+ when the season changed over last time. It was clear and easy to understand.

E.g. Just adding 30 to the existing rewards from +2 through +10 would get you something like this… which doesn’t make any sense to me.

Key level End of Dungeon Weekly Cache
2 435(?) 440(?)
3 435 445
4 440 450
5 445 450
6 445 455
7 450 460
8 455 460
9 455 465
10 460 470
11 465(?) 470(?)
12 ect… ??? ???
13 ??? ???
14 ??? ???
15+ 465 475

An updated table would be really helpful.

Same can be said for PvP rewards, an updated table with the new seasons rewards would be helpful, but that one is changing less so it can probably be guessed.

Tier End of Match Weekly Cache Weekly Azerite
Unranked (0-1399) 430 445 445
Combatant (1400-1599) 445 460 460
Challenger (1600-1799) 450 460 460
Rival (1800-2099) 455 465 460
Duelist (2100-2399) 460 470 475
Elite (2400+) 465 475 475

Would appreciate some official confirmation on the various scaling rewards next season.

in patch 8.3.5

? - if you do islands this week (before the patch) on a toon with a maxed neck, will the mission only give you gold and no chance for an AP mission?

Damnit, I didn’t think that would go into effect until 1/21, was hoping for one more week of TR from the mythic chest so I could get some 450 shoulders, it’s the only slot I have that’s still at 435 and I’m 10k short :frowning_face:

So, if I’m reading this correctly, Season 3 will be remaining for 1 more week. Does that mean we can still get Keystone Master/Conq?

Was hoping the upgraded version of normal and heroic dungeons would be starting today for my alts

That’s correct. A 15 will be an 11.