What to Expect in Visions of N’Zoth and Season 4

Are class balance changes not finalized yet? I don’t see them in the linked content update notes.

Edit: for those giving me likes a week later, I appreciate it, but the changes were added to the notes a day or 2 after I posted this. :slight_smile:

They can be found here https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/23227147/visions-of-n-zoth-content-update-notes#item21


it will be converted back to ap as will the gold ones


So, where are the account-wide essences?


What about when we log in on January 14th? The cache will be 440 or? I’m confused :\

Edit: didn’t pick the best line to quote, but still.

After Tuesday, it will no longer be possible to restore those treasure maps if they were deleted.

I’ve added the following to the OP here:

On January 21, with the beginning of Season 4,

  • Mythic Keystones will downgrade by 4 levels.

Will your Weekly M+ Cache on the 21st contain TR? I’m assuming no, since it is supposed to contain Season 3 rewards (which whose TR was depreciated), but it seems a bit unclear if the line in the 21st’s block is referring to opening a +10 weekly cache giving 1700 TR is in reference to doing a +10 before the 21st or doing one after.

Is that similar to the drop from season 3, where it was in addition to the standard weekly drop resulting in a -5 overall to your highest key from the week prior? (Example: If I do a 19 before season 4 will I loot a 15 from my box or a 14?)

Wondering, but will there be more methods of getting Residuum effeciently other than just the weekly M+ chest?

Not quite what I was wondering. Let’s say I have a treasure mission now that awards 4400 or so Titan Residuum. I complete the mission this week but don’t claim it at the mission table until after maintenance on the 14th.

  • Will the TR reward from that mission be converted to gold or AP or some other resource?
  • or will the TR reward just be removed because TR isn’t going to be available from any sources from the 14th through 21st?

Question, will we get residuum out of the cache on the 21st? since you say residuum is back on the 21st and we get rewards from caches again will there be residuum FROM the cache that we acquire on the 21st? like reduced to season 4 amounts? or will we not get any out of a cache until the following week on the 28th?

“Titan Residuum will not drop from any source for one week. This includes scrapping or disenchanting Seasonal gear.”

does hoarding azerite gear for the first week, and scrapping it in week two provide azerite? or will anything gained prior to week 2 and azerit ewe currently have not give any?

edit: also, if we cant scrap it for TR can we at least get a vendor price on it.

Thanks for keeping up with the great communication Kaivax (and the WoW dev team)!! Hopefully we can see this level of communication & transparency in Shadowlands as well :slight_smile:

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My 11 max level alts (most of them boosted via Korrak) would like to know this as well.

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PTR testing found that no pieces obtained before the new season scrap into residuum. So either scrap it now for gold later, or just scrap the middle week pieces for their materials, similar to what we have to do with the current blues.


It should be converted to gold, if the PTR behavior holds up.

Um can you please stop making our artifact knowledge worthless every patch? So annoying. Never farming that again.

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Artifact knowledge was never farmed, its automatic lmao.

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