What to do if you expect you are being harassed?

A person a while back got flagged in a thread and thought it was me because my opinion was different from theirs. It wasn’t me but they thought it was. So they then said they was going to do a Flag war. Sense then several of my posts on that particular topic has been flagged. I would flag the threat but it appears they have sense then removed it. Do I email customer support this players name so they can investigate this use of the flag system as a method of Harassment? Or what? I know call outs are not allowed so not sure how to proceed.

Just dont engage in forum wars. It takes more than one report to community shield a post. But if the post is indeed considered inappropriate then Blizz will act on only one report. In general, don’t be trolly, and dont engage in a back and forth because thats not harassment, thats a conversation.


For false flags. You don’t need to do anything. If your posts aren’t in violation than nothing will happen to it.
The moderators will take action on people abusing the system.


Understand that if your posts are being flagged and subsequently hidden from view, it isn’t just that one person flagging them, it’s many people. Granted, they could have wrangled a bunch of other people into their little crusade, but I’m not sure the likelihood.

As far as flagging abuse, you don’t have to do anything. Your posts will be reviewed, and if there’s a history of unwarranted reporting, there’s a high chance the offenders will be sanctioned in due course.


I understand that, however it’s rather frustrating having all my posts getting buried. It’s clearly harassment by moderation.

Not true, you can change your character a bunch and flag a person that way. I would gladly demonstrate but I rather not abuse the system.

Yeah, and the Blues here said they REALLY take a dim view of people doing that, and it will earn them a break from the forums. They see EVERTHING.


As long as the post follows the forum CoC, you have nothing to worry about. You might want to take satisfaction know that those that are abusing the system WILL be caught and punished.


I usually try to. Although there has been things I’ve been in trouble for in the past I wasn’t exactly sure why. Read the CoC and it didn’t break any of the rules. Would go into details on the exact situation but thats against the rules. Tried to get clarity but the system seems automated. My faith isn’t exactly 100% In that area. Anyways first person that responded is probably the best answer. I just don’t like the answer as I’d like a more immediate way to stop the harassment.

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The system isn’t automated. Every post that is flagged IS reviewed by a forum moderator, I have had many a post flagged by people that disagree with my point of view. I’m still posting.

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No I mean when you try to talk to them about it. It’s all a copy paste thing, sometimes to stuff not even related.

I think it’s ok to talk about the experience itself.

I asked for example if it would affect my beta chances. And clarified I gave up on getting any clarity on why. But they just responded with the case was closed and would not get any further discussion on it. It’s all very weird process.

Oh, that… A lot of us here use Cut and Paste responses, due to how common some of the questions are. But sometimes mistakes happen. When it comes to moderation, Blizzard tends to keep thing close to their chests. There are quite a few on these forums would love to know the limits and would try to push them when they can.

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I mean, their emails when it comes to talking to actual staff and stuff. Anyways this thread is answered more or less. I’ll just go on my way now. I wouldn’t be oposed to a blue giving me a answer on where to report these people though. Can’t flag a flag for being a false flag lol.

i’m pretty sure this is incorrect, but i’m sure someone will correct me if i’m wrong.

as far as i’m aware, the way this software works, community flags will fall off after a pre-determined amount of time.
if the thread has not been tended to by a mod in that period of time, the flags simply fall off and the thread gets re-opened.

if this isn’t the case, then there are some serious moderation issues with mods re-opening highly inappropriate threads.

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I tested it out for fun to see if people actually got off’d for it but couldn’t figure out how to tell an employee that, and I ended up getting a four month full-account vacation. If anyone’s doing that, they’re probably getting punished.