What time will Blackhand's Command drop?

Topic. Sitting in a 40man getting most of the tags but no drop for any of the groups here yet.

Edit: Blackhand’s Command is now dropping.



Maybe the early release is only for PVP servers. Unlikely, but they would certainly have priority.

Bumping for you, our raid tried for 4 hours to get it to drop without luck, we thought for sure it would be 11am est but nope. I wish Blizzard didn’t leave us in the dark with critical communication.

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my guess would be 11am pst

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Considering most content gets activated at 10am PST, I’d go with that.


Same, waiting here. Daily reset time seems to always be at 11am server time (so 11 EST for EST servers and it looks like 11am PST for PST servers). We’re on an EST server and still no luck at 11:30am from raid or solo kills. It would definitely be great to know a time instead of semi-afk competing for spawns killing the same mob over and over again all day. Hopefully we’ll get a response! TY for the post, Andy. :slight_smile:

Been in this mountain for 2 hrs no luck… ETA WOULD BE FABULOUS!

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The raid doesn’t release for another month, whats the rush?


Nobody likes you.

I agree with you, Whissas.

They still want it to be a bloodbath.

It’ll be live at primetime.

whats going on in westfall with those Defias? suspicious

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bumping for response

Bumping for official response.

you have a whole month , relax


hey bro u relax, we got bros trying to do bros things be a bro brah brah brah

An official response would be nice. Save us Blizzard.

They didn’t specify an exact time. It said Jan 10. Hope it’s 23:59.

new league of legends season started today i hope i make my master promos this season i failed them last season i was so mad about it :frowning: #swain main

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Yeah. I’ve had people quote the time for phase 3 release on the official post, but the post says nothing about the release time for this drop. Just the date.