What the hell is wrong with you Alliance?

Seriously. There are like 40 level 70 players on our side, so why the hell can’t you leave us alone to farm stuff at 2am server time? Especially one of the only holy priests on Horde.

I’m looking at you Leoniden. @sshat

  1. Red = dead.
  2. Honor farming sucks.
  3. 1v2.
  4. Blizzard doesn’t care about faction imbalance or dying servers.
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QQ some more. Your Horde players started trying to gank my main. I left Horde alone but now i kill at every chance i get. Mainly you guys from One Percent. Dont like it then xfer.

Was I the one who ganked you? Generally, I help you guys kill whatever mob you’re fighting before I attack, or at least get health/mana. Feel free to try and kill me “every chance you get”, though.

I actually transferred IN for this exact reason - I’m ready for some old school rivalries on this server. You know, where we are all 30+ year olds, playing a 15+ year old game, still saying things like QQ on outdated message boards! Like you, I never grew up either. Anyway, hope to see you in the world soon.

Who’s your main?

There is a warlock and hunter from your guild that likes to gank when im low on hp from killing mobs. They must think they are good at PvP lol. But when its full HP 1v1 they die within 5 secs of me going at them XD. They can’t play for $hit. And the kill ratio is more like my 4 to their 1. They start the fight but then run away on their mounts XD. Pathetic.

I’ve learned my lesson. Alliance on this server don’t appreciate fun 1v1s, even when I go out of my way to not attack them when they are fighting mobs, and let them get health back before we go for it. Fusion is in particular just so shameless about it. I would feel pretty lame if I lost in a fair 1v1 over and over and over, to someone wearing half greens and without a single epic, and my reaction was to get 2-3 people to camp me. Yet many of them have done this. I figured you guys would be happy to just have some fun fights for once against a faction you rarely get to even see.

I’ll be ganking all the time now.

And just to reiterate, you guys keep losing to someone wearing greens. Looking forward to later in the xpac when things even out.

See ya!

LOL doesn’t even post on his main. Grow some balls.