What the AWC is showing

So with the open bracket qualifiers, you can see what the future will be. Not every player will be at the max power level the players on the tournament realm are, but really close and in the not-to-distant future. We are seeing some of it now as players begin to gear 2 set and some even 4 sets. Power levels are going up even from some of the power levels some classes were already at. Some AWC players say it feels a lot different than the retail ladder even.

So we are hoping the devs are watching, and we see changes after this weekend. Quite honestly tier should just be disabled in instanced PVP, or at least in rated PVP. Solo shuffle is already hard enough for healers to deal with because of the insane damage and high dampening, now damage will increase, and based on the healer tier sets nothing to combat it. Unless there is some kind of PvP tier, tier gear built for raids and fighting raid bosses shouldn’t be available in PvP. Disabling tier gear will also help deal will PvP balance, which so far balance changes are coming far more often, almost weekly. Tier is just one more thing to balance. There is a reason the WPvP gear doesn’t work in PvP I think and it’s because of its bonuses.

Hopefully, the Devs will watch closely at the games this weekly, and while honestly fast games are easier for people to watch because you just watch people’s health bars and mana bars, for the players, especially on the retail game this only discourages players, especially healers which there is already a shortage of. Again my suggestion is just to disable tier in either instanced PvP or just rated PvP. It was done in Legion. Let’s work towards balancing the game first without throwing in more power gains to balance from tier bonuses that weren’t built for PvP to begin with.


Hasn’t this stopped for more than a month by this point? I’m no longer impressed by the pace of changes that followed Thanksgiving


We got changes last week. More with 10.0.5. Got changes as soon as they came back from holiday.

What is funny is that people will see BM Hunter doing decent damage and go “NERF BM”…without realizing it’s the mythic bow they all are using on the TR. This will just set Hunter back further sadly. I love Jellybeans I really do, but he’s gonna bury us lol.

We did? What changed last week?
Oh, that one. Dh and demo actually nerfed, assa wrist slapped,a ton of pve buffs they mostly forgot to exclude from pvp including feral. Yawn

On January 11. WoW Hotfixes - Updated January 23

they are ALL dirty players, cheaters and work for websites selling ratings. every last one of them.

Beedie my dude, let it die. Aliens are real, steamers RMT, and chickens can fly.

No need to plant this seed In every post

AWC is an utter farce. Venruki and Snutz and other RMT players shouldn’t even be allowed to play. Then you have half of these “qualifiers” involved in the 2400 cheat push at the beginning of the season. What an absolute joke.

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Blizzard saw last AWC and didn’t nothing almost nothing to rogues outlaw was so strong they stopped using stealth.

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This is the easiest and most correct solution.

Why make balancing harder? Why make the game less fun for people who don’t get luck with the vault? Why?

It’s entirely unnecessary


This is my main reason for not wanting tier sets in PvP. Why should someone get an advantage over me just because they were more lucky with their vault than I was?

PvP should be based off skill, not RNG.


I might get shot in the head for this, but I like FFXIV’s PVP system a lot because everyone just queues and gets a template. Maybe wow could do something similar but instead of a dev-controlled template, you choose a template for your spec that gives you like conq-cap ILVL, appropriate vers, and then let you choose your secondary stats as party of like a “PVP profile” So everyone is always on equal ground regarding gear, and specs that need a lot of a specific stat that can’t get it without sparks gear won’t suffer.

So you choose your PVP talents, and then in the same area there’s like “PVP Stats Points” and it’s all controlled from there, only available in BGs, Rated and World PVP obviously.

I think removing gear from the equation entirely would help a lot in identifying the real problems with a lot of classes.

Idk I like getting tier sets and using them in the game… maybe give PvP it’s own tier sets

Just nerf the bow by 66% in PvP. Problem solved.