What role is Crucible of Storms going to play in progression?

(Niingdorei) #1

What I’m curious about is: what is the goal of Crucible of Storms? When it launches, what should people expect?

For instance, are these fights supposed to be progressed on after Jaina? Are they supposed to be harder than her? Sort of like Trial of Valor was compared to Emerald Nightmare?

Let’s say, my guild is 1/2 way through heroic Battle of Dazar’alor when Crucible of Storms releases, in an average case should we go do that instance or complete heroic Battle of Dazar’alor first?

What are the gear, and possibly cosmetic rewards? Why would I want to do this dungeon? That was a big issue in Trial of Valor, a fair amount of people did not feel like the rewards matched with the increased difficulty compared to Emerald Nightmare.

(Gurthäng) #2

Its just like legion ToV.
I kinda enjoyed the difficult increase at least on heroic, tho ive heard Helya mythic was ridiculously hard.

(Svenska) #3

We only raid two nights a week and it takes us two nights to clear Uldir.

I don’t imagine Dazar’Alor will be any different, so I don’t know where we’re going to come up with the time to do it.


Considering how long I’d expect BoD to last, you’ll have plenty of time to progress and experience both.

(Svenska) #5

Apparently my guild during Legion cleared normal trial of valour, then decided it wasn’t worth doing.

My guild leader expects the same from crucible. There needs to be a good incentive to do it or a lot of the more casual guilds might not even bother.