What options to report do we really have?

So as many of you have noticed, the level of hacking and botting has become so brazen, only the most sand entrenched person would say it’s not an issue. I myself, during a random ZG run, noticed plenty of Horde mages in the back of ZG and plenty in the front attempting to zone in. I could go on with the story later, but most people already know where this leads. To add insult to injury we saw maybe 10 people skybox walking and falling down behind ZG to safely attempt their zone in, and you can trace it all the way to the Northern GY in STV where they blatantly fly upwards with 0 regard.

So this leaves us to the obvious answer of reporting them. Well 1 report does little, and you would need multiple (25+ I think) reports on the same account to even begin triggering anything. But most people can’t access these reports since the bots are in the sky (out of view), behind the instance (effort to get back there just for reports) or in the instance.

Well what about screenshotting or recording video? well congratulations, at best your video/SS is removed for witch-hunting, and at worst you yourself are getting a penalty for same witchhunting

Well what if you blur out the names in the SS/Vid? Well now Blizzard can’t tell who the bots are, and to please report them in-game :slight_smile:

Seems like no matter what course of action we take, there is no tangible impact to these reports.

P.S.: The ONLY reason bots even remotely stopped stacking in the back of ZG was they were found to be 20+ from both sides, and got honor farmed, so now they skybox walk into the front of ZG and blink into instance.


This issue is ENTIRELY in the hands of Blizzard, and always has been. It isn’t our responsibility to deal with rulebreakers in their game.

If it bothers you enough to want change, unsubscribe. It’s the only option you have to promote any sort of change.

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Videos aren’t allowed on the forums. Forums are for player discussion that is sometimes joined in by Blizzard reps, but is not a direct line to report anything (exception being bug reports on their appropriate sub-forums).

However, videos and data could be sent to hacks@blizzard.com. They don’t really need to have multiple reports of every single player. Multiple reports for cheating don’t have the same mechanism as multiple reports for chat spamming (which has the auto-squelch function). One clear report with complete data including realm, time, location, character name including special characters, and what was seen, is all they’d need.

Of course, as players we’d like to see these guys get zapped out of the game quickly. God-like bolt of lightning and they disintegrate would be beautiful, I can’t deny, but it’s not what we get. Instead, Blizzard does a lot of behind-the-scenes study of the bot. What code is it using to do that? How is it getting past Warden? What might break if they block that? The actions tend to come via banwaves and hotfixes, sometimes way longer after reports than we players like.

Do you have more subs than those botters?

If not then your vote/voice doesn’t matter. That’s the likely reality.


like, yes and no. There are things that are impossible to really track if you don’t even know they exist in the first place. That’s the kinda stuff that player can help you with when trying to fight the good fight. Exploits are 100% on that list.

You can report bots without having to see them. You can message them and then right click their name and report.

The issue is that Blizzard needs to fix teleport/fly hacks server side.


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Gosh it’s like they aren’t even aware of what’s going on in their own game. Wonder why that is.

Videos are definitely allowed on the forums.

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Videos of violations posted with an intent to name and shame. Context is relevant here.