What % of the playerbase is at x rating

Does anyone have a resource for finding out what percentage you’re in based on rank?
I’m currently at 2050 in SS and curious if that’s like top 40% or more like 10-20%.

Probably somewhere around 10%.

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I’ll tell you how to calculate it.

  1. Go on the ladder on the Blizz official website
  2. Find the Rank 1 cutoff (0.1%)
  3. Count what Rank # is the Rank 1 cutoff.
  4. Multiply the Rank # of the cutoff (representing 0.1%) whatever it takes to get to your target percentage. For example, Rank 1 cutoff # multipied by 10 for 1%. Multipled by 100 for 10%, etc.
  5. Find that rank of person further down the ladder.
  6. Look at their rating.
  7. You’ve found the rating cutoff for any given percentile.

Edit: There are 3 R1 Devastation spots. Rank 3 is 0.1%, Rank 30 is 1%. 2050 is Rank 460. Therefore 2050 is roughly top 15%. 85th percentile.


I haven’t used any math since college. But there’s 3 Evokers in .1% so that would mean top 10% is number 300 which is 2128. So 2050 would be roughly top 13% (or so)

There’s a minimum of 3 slots per spec regardless of participation.

Oh I didn’t know that. That’s interesting. My estimate is probably still near accurate since the calculated rating cutoff is like 20 rating higher than the actual Rank 3.


According to Drustvar, you’re somewhere between top 10 to 6% of Devas

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Hi, seramate.com has this, it gives you the exact percentile you’re in for each bracket, however it seems that your character is not indexed there for some reason. When I tried to do it, it said your character is hidden.

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Just use seramate. I tried to look you up but its not showing any results under that name, maybe because your profile appears to be hidden.

Im just over 2k and its top 4%, i would guess for evoker its at least 10% or less because i believe theres a little more rep for evoker right now

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There isn’t a whole lot of rep for evoker. Not many people play it. It is just disgustingly easy to play and people are ending up 300-400 points higher than they normally are by playing it

Devastation is basically the caster equivalent of DH but no one ever talks about it because they don’t flood the ladder

The thing that makes Devastation popular this season, along with most popular shuffle classes, is because it can win with raw damage.

But there’s almost double the Rets above 2400 than Devastation

Ret is like the superior version of Devastation-

  • About the same range
  • Also has strong 2 minute burst
  • Has better 1 minute burst
  • Way more saves
  • Reactive defenses
  • Can’t be kicked
  • Better CC

This is because Ret is a very commonly played spec even in seasons where Ret isn’t that good. Example: BFA S4. Paladin enjoyers tend to be zealous about their class.

Representation is never a good metric of apec strength

The reality of it is the 1% threshhold for Devastation is 2478. The 1% threshhold for Ret is 2347.

Again, we’re talking about solo shuffle, per the OP. No one would argue that Ret isn’t a very strong spec. It just loses a lot off the top when you’re thrown into a scenario where coordination is at a bare minimum. Devastation does not.

Also you made me kek irl with this one. I never thought I’d ever see someone accuse rets of having superior cc

Shorter Cd kick, better stun, Searing Glare has no DR, Repentance is Sleep Walk with better range


Yes, let it sink in -n-

Can’t really compare ranged to melee

Dispellable (don’t think devo stun is but could be wrong)

Doesn’t this have a cast time and a CD? What would it even DR with?

Repentance locks Holy which stops damage from the ret (assuming ret even takes this which I’m like 90% sure it doesn’t). Does kicking sleep walk lock out damage?

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Way too big a trade for those.

Plus searing glare is kickable holy spell, so is rep.

What PvP talent are you dropping for glare?

Lol you really didn’t think this out before you typed it.

Rebuke - Better CD than Quell even when Quell is talented (at loss of personal survivability). Quell is only 25 yards, which means it can’t be used in most situations where Healers/Casters use their gap makers like Portal/Gateway/Shimmer (like Rebuke)

HOJ is better than Deep Breath. Has better CD, longer duration, isn’t a skill shot, doesn’t bug out on terrain, doesn’t CC the user. If you actually play Devoker you will experience the joy of not being able to Deep Breath because the pathway is slightly clipping a wall. Even tho HOJ is dispellable, you use it in situations where it won’t be dispelled.

Glare is OP just not easy to use when everyone’s gunning you down. You can still pull it off, especially if u Blind > Glare, watch CC, or track kicks.

Rets don’t run Rep often, but the spell is still equatable to Sleep Walk, as it’s used the same way. Casted CC on non-kill target. And if you don’t want to run Rep, you still have Blind, which Devoker doesn’t.

At the end of the day, Devoker has 1 really gimmicky telegraphed large cd stun, some alternate version of Repentance, and a long cd kick that’s outranged by most casted spells -.-

sleep walk casts faster

I am definitely part of the church of Searing Glare, but we can’t justify dropping a pvp talent for it like 99%of the time.

My brother in Christ, what on Earth do you believe the range of Rebuke is

8? But I’m just saying the yardage on Quell is outpaced by most casted spells so you can’t equate it to Counterspell or the like