What now? :D

i think i don’t because i havent bought a previous expansion :frowning:

I thought shadowlands was free

Well, you can try hitting the upgrade available button on the launcher. If it takes you somewhere for shadowlands payment. Then it might not be free for you. I will still suggest you get it at least as you will want to progress through shadowlands to the current end content and prepare for Dragonflight.

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I believe if you buy Dragonflight, SL will be included for free. It’s possible that it hasn’t been added yet, since we’re in preorder, but it eventually will be. Maybe do some research and see for yourself. If it has been added, go ahead and preorder DF and you’ll get SL for free, then you catch up to all the content we’re all working on. If it hasn’t been added, wait until it is to save yourself the money.

For actual content to play, without having access to SL, all you can really do is reg dungeons, light PvP, since rated probably isn’t available at that level, or just level another character to 50. There’s always the very rare chance at finding a legacy guild, with all exp locked level 50s that run exclusively BFA content. They’re hard to find, but there MAY be the odd one somewhere.

I would really just wait until DF and start from there. It’s only a couple months away, at most.

Thot that was a blue post on the forums if you come back you get free SL

If I were you, I’d wait till Dragonflight. Just because once you get to sixty you’re going to be extremely behind and frustrated. For unity you need to do a boring questline then upgrade it by being revered with ZM. Then you’re going to have a hard time getting into keys/torghast. Overall, not a fun time. If you have friends or a guild you’re apart of then go ahead, or if you enjoy the game then buy Shadowlands.

“Battle.net accounts without a previous expansion license attached on any of their WoW game accounts, or which already have Shadowlands on any of their game accounts, are NOT eligible to receive a free copy of Shadowlands .”

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Yes, thank you. Everyone ITT that keeps telling him to just do the deal thing to get SL free, that’s for people who haven’t been subbed for a while, which this guy has. He’s been playing this whole time, without SL installed. He’s not able to get SL in this way.

Thanks heaps everyone.
So it doesn’t say specifically if ill get access to SL if i pre-order DF…
Will I ?

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I honestly don’t know, sorry. That’s how it’s always worked for every new expansion, but it could be, that since we’re just in preorder phase, SL hasn’t been added to the base game yet.

I will say that it will probably be available in this way, before DF is actually out. Maybe a month or a couple of weeks before. May not be enough time to get caught up on all the content we’ve been doing this whole time, but you can at least get to 60 to prepare for DF.

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I found the answer if anyone else is wondering;
They have them both bundled together for purchase here:

you have not really played the current game yet with anyone. covenant spells, conduits, legendaries, getting your first tier or conquest piece - all are fun

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but! you may be spending most of your time with ‘first toon shadowlands content.’ so, maybe play shadowlands for curiosity, but wait for dragonflight for a fresh start with tons of people,

That’s a lot of money though. It’d be the same as just buying them individually, at max price. Not really a deal. If you REALLY want to jump into the game now, go ahead and do that, but I know for a fact that SL will become standard soon. It’s just a matter of, is that too much money to you, for the time being.

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I will probably wait until december and cop shadowlands for free, then purchase DF.
Looks like ill level another toon to 50 in the meantime :smiley:
Again, thanks legends.

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I would not buy shadowlands atm, your decision to wait is a good one. You aren’t missing out, and sl will be free soon enough!

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Right on. Probably the smartest idea. It will also probably be available even sooner than that. :grin:

Good luck and have fun!


Do what you enjoy? If you are sitting at 50, there isn’t much to do…

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So absolutely no point in gearing up before shadowlands is made free?