What map do you dislike the most from all Azeroth and why?

Eastern Plaguelands for me.
It’s a worsened version of Badlands.

Not only is the map packed with wildlife ever so constantly dismounting, slowing, fearing, silencing and stunning you everywhere you go, you have to deal with the Horde griefing Light’s Hope Chapel the entire time. It never gets better because everything is near level 60 and will continue to bother you forever. To top it all off, everywhere you go has the same purple color with little to no difference on the looks.

Cursed be Eastern Plaguelands a thousand times.

STV. Its disgustingly bad for Alliance. Our only flightpath is Booty Bay, and the next closest is to run across half of dusk wood from Darkshire.

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Eastern Plaguelands is my paladin paradise. I plan to build a condo on that plague pit.

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Azshara, just all the nooks and things to fall off… The mobs are just horrible to play around as well. EPL’s a pain too, fall into one of those holes and good luck getting out with the horde on your rear.

Desolace reminds me of a dirty beach imo…

Stonetalon is pretty bad for Horde because new Horde players just reaching it have to basically do a death-march from one side of the map to the other (where the horde flight path and town is located) and since everything in the zone agros onto us from 50+ yards away as we run our way through the entire zone. It’s a nightmare.