What makes you lack interest in classic arena?

Just wanna see you guys opinion

Wrath and retail are wildly different games. Cata could have a healthier arena population since Cata arena was pretty okay all things considered

Wrath also has a bigger bot issue than retail from what I’ve seen/read, but that probably doesn’t change much in Cata unless they make it a focus


Not tryna knife fight people who’ve been living on pservers for the past decade.

Also no foxes.


Speaking purely as a low rated player that still enjoys / tries to enjoy pvp, purely people just constantly bailing after 1 or 2 losses and not willing to give it more of a chance than that.

You can also go on a 10 game win streak but you lose 2 and they’re ghosting you. It feels exhausting to try and get teams going. I actually prefer classic arena to RSS.

Edit: I thought you meant classic arena as in non-RSS, and not WOW Classic. If that’s the case, ignore my post. I’m talking about Retail Arena vs RSS.


tbc and wrath haven’t felt refreshing at all (pre-defined metas and not greatly balanced) and required a significant amount of time to gear up your char competitively so. Cata will be very interesting the first 2 seasons and then will drop heavily in the 3rd due to acknowledged reasons. I think MoP might reignite people’s passion and drive to participate in arenas, but mainly for a good chunk of the playerbase that has been around for a while.

New players will most likely never touch classic and will be more curious to try retail if anything. It really depends on players’ preferences.

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It would be like using stone tools when we now have access to steel. You’re essentially going back in time to play a less developed game.


if only this was brought forward :pensive:


For me personally i think its a bad idea, as a consumer, to accept a 15-20 year old product from a company that’s notorious for crapping on it’s playerbase. Within a couple years of a mostly positive reaction to classic, at least initially, blizz has fractured the playerbase in 10 different directions. Why wouldnt they, the playerbase already showed them they will gobble up whatever blizz comes up with.

That and the fact that arena wasnt balanced then either. It had its pros and cons compared to retail, but its never really been balanced.

Ive heard whispers that mop balance was good although im not sure how true it is i didnt play much then.

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yea friend it was classic arena(current wotlk, soon to be cata) vs retail
not RSS! but ty anyway

The meta becomes stale because they only use the last patch the whole expansion. So if you don’t play the meta specs you don’t get to have fun.


i still have nightmares about CATA rogues with vial


But consider that cataclysm brings us goblins, which are really just hairless vulpera.


I think it can be best summed with some of the text messages I sent to my wife from my 20th High School reunion.

The Nostalgia factor is wearing off pretty quick. I can see why I am quickly remembering why I stopped communicating with some of these people. The saddest ones are the people that talk about how high school was the best years of our lives.

We went on a tour of the High School which I have not seen since I graduated. It was neat to see that the only thing that changed was the carpet. As part of the tour they took us to the remodeled gym to show us the our banners from when we won state and that some of our relay records still stand. I made a pit stop in the locker room and it still smells the exactly the same. And I swear the urinal furthest from the door has probably been broken since I was a freshman.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading that. No sarcasm. Thanks for sharing.


what sport did you do

I ran cross country and track.

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cool! nice story man

PvE gear


yea theres a lot of powercreep indeed

pre-established meta and lack of casuals for me to beat up… or try to anyway

plus its a “been there done that” mentality regarding the rest of the content

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