What item are you most looking forward to getting?


In vanilla I main’d a prot warrior, and was most excited to get Thunderfury. This time around I’m going to roll a rogue and am most looking forward to getting Maladath and Chromatically Tempered sword from BWL. What about you?

(Sabetha) #2

Egan’s Blaster.

Shamans, Druids, and Paladins know what I’m talking about.

(Pintero) #3

Whirlwind Axe.

(Mini) #4

My first one? Venomstrike from WC


Not sure what class I am playing yet, I will be most excited to get my epic mount


Flaming Piccolo


So many items that I am excited about but I suppose warden staff is high up on the list on the bear side of things.
Rejuvenating gem would likely be up there on the healing gear alongside Stormrage shoulders.


Benediction on a priest! Such an iconic staff.


I will be farming the hell out of the Tiny Crimson Whelping. Bought one from the AH in vanilla for 10g and people thought i was nuts. He still rides by my side to this day on retail, and he’ll be with me in classic as well. :slight_smile:

(Bloodscent) #10

I guess Barov Peasant Caller.

My bucket list item is Dragoncall, from ST. I’ve only seen it drop twice.

(Jklockedout) #11

Wearing Lok’amir and the shield off Vael together.



You’re not excited to get Thunderfury as a rogue? BiS!


Placeholder FTW!


Well of course I am! But I understand where I fall on the totem pole vs the main tank. But yes, I would be most excited about that but am trying to keep my expectations realistic!

(Williams) #15

Coolest thing in game that I had to take my firearm off to use…

But darn cool none the less.


Carrot on a stick.

(Sabetha) #17

and it will reclaim its throne in Classic until the phase with 1.10 loot tables and relic items are added.


Any guild giving thunderfury to a rogue is stupid and i would leave, it’s also not BiS - though it is for tanks.

I’ll be happy when i get my Gressil, Dawn of Ruin - I will never be be happy.

(Mistwynd) #19

Piccolo of the Flaming Fire

Ah yes… the best item in Vanilla WoW.

Doesn’t drive your raid quite as nuts as the Toy Train Set that was added in one of the expansions though.

(Mogar) #20

If I end up maining a hunter…Rhok’delar.