What is your rogues build gonna be?

https://imgur.com/a/LvFCZiZ is what I ended up going with. I’m still adjusting the general side of things but as far as the outlaw tree is concerned its staying like that till we see final numbers.

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I wish I had about 30 more talent points to spend between the trees. The Druid trees for Feral, on the other hand, were really straightforward.

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yeah feral druids was pretty simple to figure out. Could be worse and could be Survivals tree. 9 talents sprinkled through that require 3 points each. I’m having a tough time building a survival build I’m happy with

Only read through each talent description from the announcement. Haven’t looked for a calculator yet. It sounds like it’s going to be tough though… there are a lot of really good sounding talents on the same tier.

I’ll probably try to make a pistol-centric build and see how that pans out first. Beyond that just going for max attack speed/energy regen as much as possible has been fun in the past. I have to say, I felt pretty nostalgic seeing Thistle Tea make a return. It’s pretty cool they turned it into a talent.


I think the hard part here is that assassination has access to both crimson tempest and poison bomb, and feral has access to swipe and brutal slash and primal wrath, but outlaw and sub aren’t really seeing a change in AOE function other than losing Shiv for de-enrage.

So we have two new specs for whom AOE was always a weakness potentially becoming new kings of AOE or at least a lot more competitive than they had been.

Going to need more info before really committing to spec builds at this point.

Not to mention the talent that makes the next garrote and rupture also aoe.

Yeah I was having a hard time making that fit, but it is on a 90 sec CD.

To be a little more fair to sub they are playing with 7 CP black powders, but unlike sin they have DPS dead zones at 2-3 targets.

I haven’t had a chance to work it out on a calculator. But it just seems that sin has the tools to be an aoe monster if specd into it.

There is a working talent calculator on Wowhead.

I was making one centered on pistol and as much energy regen and crit as possible.

It may not wind up being meta but it looks like alot of fun.


My build?

Skip Roll The Bones. Sucks they locked some of the most power behind it with CDR and raid buff, but that’s life. I’m not taking dice.


For single target, I think something along the lines of a shadow dance ambush build: https://www.wowhead.com/dragonflight-talent-calc/AACTPBFBRQUQUKoU0RCBAACQPVUVFEQEUBFKEQoUA
Low utility focus, big on cranking out fatty Ambushes.

For m+, I went with a Echoing Reprimand Build https://www.wowhead.com/dragonflight-talent-calc/AACTPRVVVBUQUIgU0RQEAACQPVUREERAUUFSgRKFA
Dreadblades offers a nice burst CD for prio targets/bosses, while wickers and ER provide the sustain. Took a bunch of utility too, since this is where it would shine.

For something a bit different that I think will be a great all-rounder I went with this generator build: https://www.wowhead.com/dragonflight-talent-calc/AACTPRVFRBUBSIBRzIEQAACQPVURFERAEEVSgRKFA
It focuses on making your combo point generating abilities beefy. Double deeper strategem, thistle tee so you can spam that sinister strike, Deadly Precision + Leathality +Seal Fate. Then picking up quickdraw and wickers to make those pistol shots really pop, Cold Blood + a wicker’d quickdraw pistol shot will be a nice controllable burst.

My build for single target focuses on Ambush too. I tried to make a build without Roll The Bones but Shadow Dance Ambush Spam + Count the Odds is too good to pass I think.

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I think this is gonna be a really good pvp build.


Here’s my Sin PvP build:

Edit: here’s a second one I’ll be trying for PvP:

Unlike the Feral/Druid trees, where my PvP build was set in 15 mins, these Rogue ones give a lot of options.


I don’t pretend that this is a good build, but I’m a fan of bleeds and poisons for rogues.

Should note this is a bg build.


In my case I think I prefer the middle one. Having 4 poisons on the weapons seem quite good

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What would a sub bg build look like? Like if you wanted to cc teams and focus down healers?

Very happy to see all of us rogues here, I love you all… /wiping tear with hilt of dagger.

I’ve come up with quite a few swiss army builds tailored to my style. I love the competitive choices to make.


I’ve been playing around with the idea of this: https://www.wowhead.com/dragonflight-talent-calc/AACTOBRUBRAVGghFzJEAACKNUaIEQUJgVBAwQA

With 4 points to move around with in Assassination. The Dragon Tempered Blades I’m very much so looking forward to. The class tree the assassination side I’m not going to change anything however I could see the sub side being swapped out for Outlaw for echoing reprimand. https://www.wowhead.com/dragonflight-talent-calc/AACTPFVUQBEBSoBR0JQIAACKNUaIEQUJgVBAwQA

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I have a lot of rogues. 4 versions of this one + a goblin on my main account. Then, an account just for rogues & at least 1 of each race on that acct. I’m a rogue altoholic. So… all the builds.

I’m going to do some super mobility builds for fun. Even though I really don’t like shadowstep being on our class tree, I’m going to do a step + hook build for levelling antics for sure. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts, because these trees will be anything but static.

What I hope is that we start with these and they use data + feedback to make some really dynamic updates for 11.0