👑 What is your rarest title


Senior Sargent - 0.4% on two of my characters


I have Knight on this guy here. Kid-me was adamant on getting to Knight and Knight only.


Eh, the best I have is Architect at 3.4%

Apparently I had a lot of gold to throw away on the Garrison achievement?

(Hotohori) #153

Seeker of knowledge I belive is my rarest, 1.92% according to wowrarity.


Because Horde owned wm until 8.1.

(Kaivax) #155

I don’t think it’s my rarest but I’m most proud of Salty and I’ve used it on every character for ten years now.


My rarest is Headmaster, at 2.2% own it.


Hand of A’dal is my favorite, most rare not too sure.


My rarest title I got is Field Medic seeing as you can no longer obtain it in-game. This title was only available in Legion after you had earned the First Aid Achievement required to earn it.


im not sure but im gonna guess “trainer” title for me

(Jackson) #160

Mistwalker, so many people don’t even know what it’s from. The first week of M+ keys for season 1 of BFA, I linked this guy my Mistwalker achievement, wod gold meta achievement, and legion timed 15 achievement. He whispers me back “What’s a challenge mode and why should I care?” and declines me.

(Karral) #162

Champion is my rarest. (Ha, right toon this time :stuck_out_tongue:)

(Frühauf) #163

When I finally won the booty bay fishing tourney after 3 years trying, it was probably my most memorable and exciting wow experience ever still to this day


got an original scout on horde side and sergeant on alliance cause i never pvp :stuck_out_tongue:


Mine will always be “Death’s Demise” :smiley:


My rarest is Grand Marshall on my warrior. Too many days back then in BGs.


Mine is probably “of the black harvest” obtainable after completing the warlock green fire questline before the launch of warlords. Only my warlock can use it though.


I have two mythic titles: Defiler’s End & Dreamer then I have unavailable ones like Darkspear Revolutionary and Undaunted. DR isn’t really a rare one it’s just special since I was around for that event.


I don’t really care about titles too much but i will always use the brawler title. the brawlers guild has been one of my favorite pieces of content since its release. i always rush to do everything before i have a chance to outgear any fight.

in case you’re wondering, my favorite fight is hexos and long for his return.

(Wolfthorn) #170

I think my now-Horde hunter has first sergeant. Got it on my Alliance back in the day facerolling AV.