What is your Lame Claim to Fame in WoW?

I was sort of infamous on Stormrage for a few years for running For the Horde raid groups fairly often.

It was a little awkward how some people treated me differently just because I ran raid groups for that achievement frequently.


there was a time (before CRZ) that i liked going on an alliance alt, and “Kicking the Hornets Nest” if you will, trolling them. and most of them knew who my main was (this guy), and id cause large groups come to Org and start big pvp fights.

i was on a LOT of KOS lists back then… does that count?


The official WoW Twitter usually responds to me every time I @ them when posting a silly screenshot of my character in the game, but I realized that they’ve actually looked through my Fallout-based Twitter page because they made a reference to it in their most recent reply to me. It was wholesome :blush:

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I’ve been posting pro Garrosh stuff on this guy since wrath

Not gunna say blizz stole my name but Garrosh has a certain BlackRock orc who worshipped him as well

I once kicked off a tauren mill open world PVP skirmish that lasted 6 hours back in vanilla . granted those skirmishes happened all the time ( almost daily ) but they never lasted 6 hours.


i may or may not have stalked and killed rare hunter spawns that were being streamed… i definitely don’t have a stack of the crystalline tears of loyalty in my bank…

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Back before Cataclysm revamped and added flying to the Vanilla zones, I climbed to the top of Blackrock Mountain.


being the most anonymous and least well known person in the history of this game


i made a wow character.
the rest is history…

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Tortollians exist because of me.

I had 100’s of players messaging me after a post I made blew up after requesting some kind of punishment for people who left skirmishes and bgs early. It got a blue response and a ton of discussion. A week later deserter was added to the game. Made for a fun few weeks as randoms were messaging me saying I had ruined duels because they could no longer reset their cds in skirmishes.

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I went super hard at pet collecting at the start of BfA

and for a hot 5 minutes, I had the top 5 pet collection in the us, on the warcraftpets leaderboards.

that’s right guys.

I’m famous. or … was… or… yea.


I do not think I have a claim to fame in WoW at all. I remember back in Cataclysm being the only Shaman poster that actually liked Telluric Currents and recommended taking it over instantcast Ghost Wolf. I also frequently posted on how healers should contribute to DPS, which was practically heresy back then, but I cannot make any claim to be THE original healer who could also DPS during a fight. I am just a loud forum poster who usually should not be listened to.

Not in WoW, but in Blizzard.

I predicted the Stettman as a zerg commander with the simulant skins ages before it happened.

If we want to walk about outside of WoW stuff, I am responsible for Symmetra’s turret reowork in Overwtach. A dev started a thread on the forums asking for suggestions on improving Symmetra and I posted about her having no range cap on placing her turrents. A few more posters responded about autohitting powers, but I made a point that Moria could already fire off autotargeting damage with her orb during a fight. During the next Symmetra rework, she had the turrets she has today that travel until they hit a wall.

The first duel I ever had, way back in Vanilla when I was a little gnome, was against Nodomino, who would go on to hold rank 14 (Grand Marshall) status for a record 2 plus years back in the OG Honor grind.

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I’m the guy who used to give away free healthstones by the Mage Tower entrance during the closing days of Legion. Someone made a screenshot of my /yell macro and posted it to r/wow and got like 2k upvotes I think. I commented in it and got Reddit Gold. You can find it by searching “Props to this dude” in r/wow.

That’s it tbh.


I used to be in the best guild on a server and everyone would be peepin my gear when I afk’d in a city. But my real 15 minutes of fame was in the water dungeon in Cata on the first boss. The tank got knocked up and was falling to his death and I life gripped him out of the air. Everyone (including me) was in awe of how clutch that was. It was almost deffinetly all of our first times seeing that spell save someone’s life since it was introduced during that expac and it was only like a week into it.


So you guys remember Kosumoth from Legion? I was with the secret discord group who inadvertently found him and by sheer chance I happened to be the one to click the final orb first. Not on this character, but I was that monk who did it.

Broadcasted the message and my name across the entire NA region. I’ve never been flooded with so many curious whispers before than that night. :sweat_smile: