What is with the disconnections?

I make no demand beyond being able to play the game without disconnecting and waking up dead, since I was flying when it d/c. This happens for over a week now. I can play for a few minutes on my Mage and then disconnects. This cycle is a waste of my time. I generally walk after it happens the second or third time. Why should anyone continue to pay a a monthly fee for a game that has so many issues??

I dont pretend at knowing what it takes to fix it but if your success was rated by customer satisfation… You would get no bonuses from my opinions atm. Considering how I only recenlty came back, since the hot garbage that was SL and BFA, you would think a basic connectivity issue wouldnt plague your teams.

tldr: fix your $hit blizz.

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Post a winmtr and get rid of the masked profanity.

I am having this same issue every single day. Maybe tomorrow’s long maintenance will fix it. I know it isn’t me because I just got a brand new computer and it was working fine up until a few days ago.

I just want to play, I’ll try a UI reset. That sounds like a rational comment without an effort at controlling my language. I dont think I have any add ons but its possible.

A what? Instead of assuming I know what that is (winmtr) try assuming I dont.
Honestly why would I do anything but stop subbing again?
I already changed the forum once and then got yet another flippant reply.
Yall rude comments are so desperate to force compliance to your myopic social norms. Its laughable, even the new social contract is a clown show of stupid rules. As evidenced by your reply being an acceptable dismissal of another user.
Forced social convention is just censorship. Swearing is offensive for a reason. Its meant to be, I am annoyed with the situation. I am allowed to be, I am an adult. Now I am less than impressed with you as well. Good for you.

I already dont like people, it took me a week to decide to even post this. Thanks for proving my assesment of this forum to be accurate You’ve made it less likey that I partake in further interactions, thus limiting the value of my sub by comparison. Scored another point! How many other people are alienated due to responses like yours?
So much for social contracts right?

Dont bother replying, I wont read it.

Same issue, some I’ve noticed i can replicate. Clicking on flight path while on dragon mount, Ruby life pools to Valdrakken… instant DC. Was in the same place 3 times on 3 different characters. Landing while trying to mine or gather an herb. It’s like i just barely clip into a rock or whatever and boom, instant DC. Then have to wait 2-3 minutes or it will not let that character back into the game.

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I did a google search of winmtr and the second choice (for me) was this Running WinMTR - Blizzard Support (battle.net).

Not trying to be rude here, but I can see why you don’t like people if you blow up from the simple comment they gave you and your initial post seemed really aggressive and rude. There are other ways of telling how you feel without resulting in profanity (which you did very well in responding to them without profanity (even though it started devolving pretty quickly)).

Words matter and if everyone is just throwing insults, profanity, and whatnot around, no one really wants to read or listen. Hence the comment they gave you, and was pretty tame at best.

In regard to the DC’s, I am not sure what’s causing them. I can go days without an issue and then there are days where I get dc’d a few times a day. It’s just in WoW too, in other games I don’t have this issue. 9/10 times for me, it involved being on my dragon.

From the blue sticky posts…

Instead of throwing a temper tantrum, do a little work and take the chip off your shoulder.

If this is how you are in game, we’re better off without you.

You really do have a belittling self righteous attitude. I really didn’t see any vulgar profane words in OPs post.

All I see is a person wanting to enjoy something he’s paying for but can’t so he’s frustrated. Following that , I see another person posting a reply assuming the other person is supposed to know everything he knows while belittling his emotional situation.

You must be as old as I am. The way you talk reminds me of how I used to be when the internet was all beeps and whirls, lol. Next time lose the attitude, have a little empathy.


Same issue, no visible network issues. Random character based disconnects doing specific actions. Will post more info once I’ve accumulated enough data.


Ya know what Mr Forum Troll with no life you can eat a big bag of cow testes. You useless, pretentious clown.

I came to this forum for assistance for the first time in years, instead I recieved a bs reply from you and another clone droning goof just like you.
Better off without me, nah you pathetic loser. I am better without any of you.
Better without Blizzards garbage broken products taking up space in my life. Without moronic attemtps at controlling peoples behaviours.

Thanks for the 48 hour ban for “being inappropriate” When the post you banned me for was edited and doesnt include anything on your extremely long list of BS reason you can ban people.

YOu lied ABOUT THE BAN AND WHAT WAS SAID IN THE POST, your teams are garbage and your pathetic forum trolling douchey control freaks have lost yet another client.

How many more clients can blizzard actually afford to alienate?

and Zungar just because you can reply, doesnt mean you should.
“Desperate forum troll seeks validation” should be your only title, ya goof.

D/Cs seem tied to Dragonriding, seems like a blizzard issue. After further investigation, my entire guild goes through the same thing, logging on to an alt and then back the affected character fixes the issue.

Seems tied to the speed of which your character accelerates.

this is… quite the thread to bump. you should make your own thread deleit, this isn’t really related to your topic and is also fairly old. I think there are some catch all threads that are related to d/c’ing while dragonriding as well.

just for clarity if argax or others ever return - zungar does not work for blizzard, he didn’t ban you. a blizzard employee would’ve reviewed your posts and banned you. all blizzard employees on the forums have blue text, everyone else is just a player. it’s possible you knew this but it was a little unclear from your language.

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