What is the XP Cut Off

I know that a change was implemented that says if a person in the group significantly out levels the content then the group would be rewarded with less XP.

I have asked this question before, but never got a real answer. What is considered significantly out leveling something?

The reason I have this question is because I would like to go back and help my guildies if I can in Mara. I am not a Mage, and I know they made changes in Mara to prevent Mage boosting there. This would lead me to believe that Mara content is not considered significantly outleveled. Otherwise they would not have needed to make the other changes to that zone.

So is there a real definition of what is considered significantly outleveled.

Considering Mara is one of the main zones that they implemented this change to combat you can safely assume it will not be an option for them to get anywhere decent exp while you’re in the group at 60.

Now if they only want to go there to finish the quests or get gear it won’t matter, but straight exp, or boosting will not be possible.


They implemented different changes for Mara, mainly the buff the mobs get that make them run faster and be immune to snares after a period of time. <— This change would lead me to believe that the mara mobs are not considered significantly out leveled. If mara mobs were considered significantly out leveled, there would not have been a need for the change to snare and run speed.

Has anyone actually done any testing on beta with mara mobs specifically regarding xp change there, or does anyone know the actual formula that dictates what significantly out leveling something is? 1.5 times the level of the mob? so if a 60 kills a 40 is all good, but a 39 is loss of xp benefit? Or is it grey con mobs, which would make the most sense, but would also mean that there would not have been a reason to make the mara changes.

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You are being led to believe the wrong things. You won’t be able to XP boost in Mara.

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I understand what you are saying, I am asking for the proof of what you are saying. The proof that mages will not be able to pull all of Mara is in the blue post. Where is the proof that a level 60 being in the group for that content is going to diminish the xp? I understand that every zone lower than mara is obviously outleveled, but Mara has some green mobs to 60’s. So without any actual testing data, and without a blue post that states what is considered out leveled for the purposes of diminished xp, you can’t say what you are saying is true and correct.

Again, I think the simplest definition would be grey con mobs. If the mob is grey to any person in the group then it qualifies for reduced xp. Unfortunately. they have not said this, or given any other formula for what is considered much higher level.

I am just asking for testing data, or actual blue post on what is considered much higher level. If none exists, then I will figure it out myself in a few weeks during actual SoM game play.

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go get it yourself? the SoM beta is up young fella :slight_smile:

maybe your guildys need to get good and not be carried?

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The Blue post where this information can be found is the very first pin on the SoM Beta message board. I don’t know what you mean by out leveled but here is what they said.

They never said anything about the math on how its calculated. The old system was based on average level of the group as a whole. Now with this change if the mob cons grey the assumption is it’s grey for all players in the group. Thus, significantly lower xp.

The changes they made to mara, strat, and ZF were to also ensure that players can’t still use these farms for gold making. There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing the mara mob running through Blizzard.

whay is it so for them to nerf farming exploits but cant for some od reason fix the exploits in bgs? think ima just jump up this wall and be on top of this hell with the flag every game-------- never gets fixed

SoM is about hard mode. If you want to do as you said above your guildies accept they won’t get a carry.