What is the quickest way to gear-up a healer in 8.3?

Hi all -

Returning player here.

I am not one who’s really into solo-questing, though I’ve forced myself to do it after level 110 as Boomkin because of the campaign and reputation requirements BfA imposes. (Haven’t hated the experience, but prefer end-game group content/PvP healing).

My preference and source of enjoyment has always been in healing. I am trying to get into a heroic raiding guild as a RDruid to clear Ny’alotha before Shadowlands. As I see it, there are major hurtles with the Heart of Azeroth and now the Legendary Cloak ranks that others have had a nice head start on, especially HoA.

How do returning players (healers specifically) navigate these hurdles?

Also, how do main heal specs deal with the Visions instance and daily quest requirements, etc? Seems difficult to reroll spec as caster without having the to re-essence and re-trait (I know this usually isn’t necessary, just not a big fan of the model). I really don’t prefer DPS roles, even soloing (yes, I do enjoy DPSing during instances to support the other DPS, just don’t prefer it as main role).

Regardless, I’ll try to do what I have to do. Just curious on people’s approach. Thanks!

There are tons of normal/heroic Ny’alotha PUG groups forming constantly in pre-made group finder, which is a godsend. You’ll be able to find groups. I’ve never tried to solo visions as a healer, but I heard it’s viable. Dps is the best though. Make sure you watch you tube vision runs before you attempt them or you can easily fail and cost hours of grinding to make another attempt.

You will gear up fast at max level, and you don’t need to grind for essences or hoa. You’ll be just fine doing the regular activities. I was running normal/heroic Ny’alotha on every healing class without going out of my way to grind essences or Hoa. That said, I did the visions every week for the cloak ranks so you can equip more corrupted gear.

Do you know about what Ilvl people are expecting you to be for LFR/normal Ny’alotha?

LFR requires 410 to queue, and it drops 430 gear. I was raiding normal/heroic a couple months ago when less people were geared. Normal drops 445 gear so you’ll likely need about 430-435. World quest gear rewards up to 420 gear and the emmisaries 445. Raid leaders can invite whoever they want so some take lower level than others. You can apply to up to 5 groups at a time in pre-made group finder.

Thank you. You’ve been very helpful. Would you suggest doing all emissaries and world quests that are gear-relevant, and then doing heroic dungeons? then Mythic 0 dungeons?

If your item level goes up, all the world quest gear rewards on the map instantly go up. So when you hit 120 and have three days worth to do. First get your 370 weapon from nazjatar story, which you need anyways to unlock essences. Many of the 400 weapons and trinkets are cheap on the ah. If you buy a few pieces the world quest gear will be higher level. So you can get geared much faster. I never had to do heroic dungeons cause I had full sets of 385 benethic gear waiting on every alt. If you don’t have the 385 gear, then heroic dungeons would probably be smart before doing WQ, but don’t let them expire.

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What do you mean 380 gear waiting on an alt?

God I am such a noob these days!

My first character spent a lot of time in Nazjatar in 8.2 unlocking flying, and earned tons of currency to buy account wide 385 gear from the vendor. You get currency from quests and world quests. I was able to mail full sets of benethic gear to every character.

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This priest has always done everything as disc. (I just really don’t like the feel of Shadow.) It’s slower, but it’s doable. When out doing the world content, you learn to use the crowds to your advantage. If I see people nearby, I’ll just start dotting up all the things, and most of the time others will join in to help kill as piles of nicely grouped mobs are very tempting for people looking for quick quest completion. And, even if I end up on my own, at least as disc, surviving is not an issue.

The biggest things you’ll need out of world content on your first character are reputation to get the various essences for your heart, and the current for the vessels for the cloak upgrades. Emissaries should be your first focus because of the big chunk of rep. You’ll want to do the Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms invasions. (Which means 3 total per week — the one major and the two minor invasions.) Pick up the Vale and Uldum dailies while doing the invasions as the daily objectives will give invasion progress, but it might be good for your sanity to not worry too much about the dailies otherwise.

Visions aren’t bad on a healer after the nerfs. (And you can get the cloak upgrades from the normal version of it, so you don’t need to worry about adding masks.) You do have to learn which mobs need to be nuked down fast to make up for the lack of interrupts. As a rule of thumb, if you find yourself spam healing yourself in them, it probably means your doing a mechanic wrong. (I had a lot of face tanking bad habits to break while doing them as disc.)

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There were nerfs to Visions? When did those happen? And thank you for the response!!

Shortly after visions launched they nerfed visions for tanks and healers because dps was the only viable option, and they wanted everyone to be able to complete them on their chosen specs. They nerfed them by 40% for healers.

I should clarify in my first post when I said you don’t need to go out of your way to grind essences. I was talking about grinding them to level 3 and 4. You’ll still need essences in every slot they are powerful, and you get many of them just playing the game. See bloodmallet dotcom for esssence, corruption, Azerite, trinket rankings.

Wait, so if I queue for visions as a healer in heal spec it gets easier?!

The solo vision nerfs for healers and tanks put them roughly on par with dps due to the insanity drain timer. You can also find groups for visions in pre made group finder and chat. I never tried them in groups or as a healer. If you ask on the druid forum how resto druids perform in visions it might help.

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Mob health in visions are dynamic based on the group composition (or your spec if solo.) So, when you go into one solo in a healer spec, mobs have significantly less health than they would if you go in as a dps spec. As I mentioned before, the biggest issue you run into as a healer (and some caster specs) is that it is more annoying if you don’t have interrupts.

I know that there are some things that I can purge as a priest instead of interrupt. I haven’t run it on my druid, so I don’t know if those particular mob buffs count as enrages, but it wouldn’t surprise me, so Sooth might work on them. Of course, as a healer, you can heal through most of the stuff that dps would be interrupting.

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A nice advantage for druid is you can stealth past a lot of trash mobs. Also, buy drums, potions of power, and food, which are all cheap on the AH. There are a lot of you tube videos explain all mechanics even trash mobs. Feral affinity talent would be best so you can dps on the run and not get interrupted.

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For the first 6 cloak upgrades you only need to kill the boss in the first area. The first upgrade is the hardest of the 6 because you don’t have experience or the balls that extend the insanity timer. Starting at rank 7 you have to do side areas. There are weekly lock outs on vessels (currency for attempts).

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