What is the purpose of Mana Gem?

As far as I know, only Arcane Mages can use Mana Gems. I didn’t have access to it back when I played Fire mage and I never touched Ice.

At level 60, I have 63,000 mana. A single mana gem restores 10% of that, which is 6300 mana. At four arcane stacks, each arcane barrage costs 6,850 per cast. It’s not even a single arcane barrage cast.

Am I using it wrong?

its porpouse is to “flavor” arcane mage nothing more, the mana it retrieves is so low it doesn’t worth my attention and the 2 minutes CD just killed it


What Delasam said.

It’s pretty useless.

Main functions seems to be for if you accidentally forgot to pay attention to your mana and ran dry with evocation off cooldown, you can click your gem to get 1 extra arcane blast.

It is, because you regen some mana as the Arcane Blast casts. Also why you typically run lower Haste on Arcane.

You usually use it if you’re just burning off mana and have AP up and you need mana to cast another AB.