What is the point of this character? (War within alpha spoilers)

Sometime last week during the datamine of war within this was found
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And amid everything else that has been found and impltened into the alpha this has gone relatively unnoticed, but Geya’rah seemingly having some part to play in this expansion is puzzling to me.
Since late shadowlands and dragonflight blizzard has gone all in on a faction neutral everybody gets along, no more wars direction. Part of this new direction is on the horde side write-off any character that would lead to another faction war examples being Sylvanas and gallywix . Pacify characters that have problems with alliance what with talanji letting go of her beef with jaina and the alliance in shadows rising. Or just straight not acknowledging some characters exist during neutral quest like belmont and faranell just not showing up at all during the retaking of Gilneas in favor of calia and voss.

So why have Geya’rah and not a laundry list of other orcs who are relatively cool with the alliance show up?

Which lead me to think just what is the point of this character in the first place?

If this was the warcraft of old and the factions still mattered her path is clear as day. The next war kicks off with the horde being lead by a evil force she becomes the second in command and we kill her in a dungeon or raid and au gorgonna who is a dude in that timeline takes over and leads the mag’har or something like that.

But that era has passed and Geya’rah just seems like a character lost in time(pun not intended). The whole yrel light crusade was a plotpoint made by writers that are not with the company anymore and blizzard seems to have no interest in any “light not actually all that great” plot that does not involve the Scarlets. Faction wars are a thing of the past. And blizzard doesn’t include horde characters into the neutral “A” plot unless they can be buddy buddy with the alliance. Hell she doesn’t have a personality beyond female garrosh who is also genderbent thrall.

What narrative purpose could Geya’rah possibly serve?

Why does she need to have beef with the Alliance? The Draenei who wronged her people are in an entirely different timeline and aren’t even part of the Alliance. She can have a story that’s not just her being a racist.


Because without being a warmonger her character can be replaced by literally any other orc character.

Judging by baine’s doom slayer level hatred of centaurs who on every level expect for still being centarus, had nothing to do with his people’s plight blizzard doesn’t see it that way

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She’s the mag’har racial leader though. She’s not just “an orc.”


Baine being a racist or not doesn’t change the fact that he’s a terrible character.


There’s a lot they can do with her character instead Garrosh, but female and even more insulting

Having a grudge against the Lightforged would be one thing, but to blame the entire draenei race is a little out there. Even for her

I think the biggest issue with Baine is blizz tries way too hard to make him the horde version of Anduin and it just falls flat every time


If I had to place a prediction, I can see them building her character up so that whenever we get more details on the Light as a fully-fledged cosmic force, we’ll have someone on the frontlines that is personally well-aware of the damage that the Light can do.

Ngl, heavily disagree with this take.

Most of the Xal’atath lore (such as her being in the body of a VElf) was also BfA era. I think the reason there’s so much emphasis on the Scarlets as “the evil Light users” is because they’re pretty much one of the only two groups of evil Light users we’ve ever even met, the other being Yrel’s Lightbound Army.

For an even better example of BfA Allied Race lore specifically being used, this patch and the recent short story has placed a heavy emphasis on both the Void Elves themselves and the events of their recruitment chain.

We’ll probably get more “Evil Light” lore after the World Soul Saga, since there’s still a whole “Realm of Light” that was officially confirmed that we know next to nothing about. Not to mention the Light’s Zereth, which like all Zereths, is most likely set to be future patch content.


I think after how poorly received SL was, going to other dimensions is probably going to be nixed forever. I hope so, at least.


"The Alliance embraces the draenei and their Lightforged kin.

That alone is reason to crush their cities to dust."
“Draenei… eredar… so willing to bend the knee. So prone to corruption.”
-Geya’rah 20 whenever the mag’har became a allied race

She is a racial leader with a poor characterization that takes away screen time from other characters that are not lost causes that could benefit from screen time.

And we’ve had peace for a couple years now. The horde roster is already thin, don’t give blizz a reason to kill off more horde leaders. Because they have no problem doing just that

The horde roster being threadbare is something I can agree with 100% and I also would not want more characters to removeded.

But with that said I also feel like the peace is largely unearned because all the difficult talks happened off screen and now we have characters like genn going from shadowlands where he told lor to his face “Sylvanas is gone but the rest of the horde still has much to answer for” to “I’m ok with forsaken blighting my city again as I work with them to take it back”

Now we have Geya “the alllaince will burn” rah seemingly getting over her beef with draenai, lightforged, and the light in general to fight alongside the alliance, even though I don’t think she has even talked to any alliance characters in anything related to the game for the 6 years she’s been in the game.

And with the voss shandriss interaction, it seems like blizz is dead set on adding in “cute little” cross faction friendships and I can’t think of a single character from the alliance that would want to be anywhere near the orc that loudly allied herself with sylvanas went “oh my bad” when syl said the horde is nothing, and said she will turn their cities to dust.

A racist growing and learning to stop being racist isn’t a bad basis for a character as long as Blizzard actually addresses as character growth and doesn’t just wipe the past away.


Ok this is gonna sound super pessmstic and faction brained but has blizzard ever told a story about a orc character growing past hatred in the first place?

In terms of “racist” growing and learning, we’ve had stories like that before… with varian and to a lesser extent genn and to a ever lesser extent jaina. And they all have some things in common that other characters controlled by hatred don’t have in common.

For the past 20 or so years if we have a orc that wants to crush some skulls their only faiths are die a dungeon/raid boss or sacrifice themselves and die for their sins so that others are cleansed of their own sins.

The only exception is thrall and even though Geya’rah is literally female thrall that’s the only thing they have in common.

A story about Geya’rah learning to grow past her trauma and hate sounds like it can be a neat little side quest that some quest dev programs into the game but I don’t know if anybody on the team has another mode to write orc that isn’t genocidal fascist or sad about being a genocidal fascist.

She just seems like the horde version of Sky admiral rodgers to me. Will probably be left to do nothing forever.

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Alleria stans have been awful quiet since this post.

… well, maybe that’s not fair to say. Maybe her unresolved, genocidal hatred of the orcs will get some closure in an expansion she’s set to star in alongside Thrall, Azeroth’s orc paragon. Surely…

I will add nothing to this but I almost thought Kaz the Shrieker was leading the Mag’har. Felt her clan was the bigger presence on Azeroth. :world_map::robot:

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Every time.

People have been complaining that there’s no Horde characters in the story, and when we see some hints there might be, then it becomes complaining that the Horde characters aren’t actively antagonizing the Alliance at every given opportunity. You can set your watch to it.


Usually followed by Why did the horde start yet another war?! like….I don’t know, that’s what some y’all keep asking for

It’s weird :dracthyr_nod:


If anything I’m complaining that a character that actively antagonizes the alliance is IN the story.
I know some people on this forum have complaints like you stated but my view is blizzard has made it clear that if a horde character is gonna be in the “a” plot they need to be buddy buddy with the alliance. It isn’t some faction brainworm thing its something that is happening in the story. We don’t see Geya’rah, belmont, faranell, or even talanji or any other characters that aren’t buddy buddy in faction netural content we see the people who are buddy buddy.

I quit after wrath because I knew garrosh was gonna drag the horde to a crap war. I hate bfa. Hell I’ll be honest I hate Geya’rah.

She is just female garrosh, a generic angry orc that can be picked out from a sea of genric angry orcs. Blizzard has show they have no intreast in writing non genric angry orcs so I have no idea why a genric angry orc that hates the alliance is part of a expac where the horde are gonna be buddy buddy with the alliance. If they wanted to include a female orc they could have gone with gorna, or aggra, the new leader of the Laughing Skull clan if they wanted a new female orc.

There is a difference between someone like baine whom let’s be honest kinda has a one sided friendship with anduin( when was the last time anduin said ANYTHING related to baine) and a character like vol’jin who didn’t want war but also didn’t trust alliance as far as he could throw them.

It would be cool if there were a character who was just like “I’m never gonna trust them and probably take it to the grave but war is fools game and If future generations of my people are able to stand side by side with future generations of their people and have this hatred wash away I would be happy.”

Like for the love a god a crumb of grey and not the black and white “I love me some genocide” and “I have no problem with leaders of different countries just living it up in my capital city with no hint of overseeing/surveillance”

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I’m personally excited that Geya’rah is getting some story. Very curious on how that go down.