What is the point of AH alts?

I see them a lot and it’s a genuine question. Are they scared that they’ll get shunned for undercutting or having control of the market or something?

Bank Alts… some people dont want people msging them to give them a deal or what not as well. I use a bank alt because i send all my crap to that toon, parked in org.


Always in a city, and holding all the garbage that would clutter your main(s). Also nice to send all the mail to that specific character to handle all auctioning.

Also great for checking auctions/buying stuff without having to move your main to a city.


I send all my stuff to it so my mains bags aren’t cluttered / everything is in one spot. And it can be in a major city too.


I love having my AH alts so I can dump all my unbound crap on them and also sell what I want. I have herb alts, consume alts, general alts.

I didn’t do this in the original Vanilla and TBC. This is way better.

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damn I guess I’m just overthinking things. I was thinking it’s like people that are hiding their nefarious gold making activities from all their friends and guildmates.

I monopolize entire markets by myself. The last thing I want is to receive random “can i have a deal” whispers and rage whispers all day from people I don’t know.

Some might, but really it’s just super convenient. My bank alt is in my guild and named as such. If you play actively, I’d recommend you get one too and give it some bags.

A level 10 retail sockpuppet should not mock others for hiding. You don’t even play that character.

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If like my level 10 void elf…its probably a bank alt lol.

void elves are nice for that. fastest route to the bank/ah for alliance really.

Humans have a longer hike from elwynn forest you see. Void elves…make char, blow off alleria speech void portal and boom!..you are in SW.

I’m sure some use them to hide, but they’re also handy for keeping a cluttered mailbox on one character. Let that one toon deal with the AH and relists, keeping your main toon’s mailboxes/inventory clean.

Many reasons.

  1. Parked near AH, so if I have stuff on my main I can just mail it to the alt and when I have time I log on and I’m right at the AH to do all my transactions. It also means that you don’t have to go to a capital city on the main every time you need to get stuff/check the AH.

  2. Frees up bag space. Each alt you make gets their bag slots plus bank tabs. If you don’t use an alt you have to manage all that on your main. That’s just not an efficient use of your space. My main’s space is for holding raiding gear, bop stuff, etc. Everything else goes to the bank alt.

  3. Keeps my mailbox from getting cluttered. I absolutely hate having AH mail spamming my main’s inbox constantly. It’s nice to have that all on a separate character.

  4. Prevents beggars from DM’ing you for discounts on stuff. When I would post expensive stuff on my main I would get whispers from lowballers all the time. Now I just throw that stuff on the AH from my alt and log off. Haven’t dealt with beggars in the DM’s ever since.


For me I have many alts, 7 70s atm, I rather have one character that has all the stuff I’m selling then having to log on all alts just to check the mail every few hours. With a bank alt you can have your own guild bank for extra storage and a place to store all your gold so you don’t have to transfer it from all your alts if your making a big purchase.

Its pretty much extra free bank space go from 1 bank to 8 and you will never want to go back.

Played characters store quest items, toys, cool things in the bank, bank alts hold all your crafting mats, profession mats, boes for your alts etc.

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I have 2 banking characters

My main bank alt (Potfingers)

  • Holds all of my gold because I had a spending issue on this character so now the most gold that my other characters have is less than 1k at any time.
  • Holds all TBC herbs that I’d be using for my potions (my mage is an alchemist) and miscellaneous items like materials for mana injectors
  • I send everything that i want to to auction and I also pretty much only buy items from the AH from this toon as well.

My other bank alt (Tradegood)

  • Holds enchanting/tailoring materials
  • Holds motes/primals
  • Holds general items in the mail that I don’t want to see on other characters, for example whenever I’m holding 240 of X item I keep them in the mail otherwise I wouldn’t have enough room in my bank and I’d need to have more than 2 bank alts.
  • Holding all of the Flame Caps that I’ve bought (roughly 5k)
  • Holding all of my Sharpened Fish Hooks (roughly 800)

Technical 3rd bank alt (Insync)

  • Holds all of my herbs for Inscription (roughly 10k herbs)

It’s just nice to have really, it’s like folders in a computer.


This is the way. I have two myself, one for AH/general purpose and one to hold my consumables. It’s super nice. Not sure how people can play this game without banking alts.

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Ever heard of bagspace and being instantly at the ah / mailbox instead of having to run there 24/7 on your main who also cant hold 500 additional items?

Bank alts mostly.

Why would i care if i undercut someone lol

Yeah it’s really nice to have at least 1 bank alt.

Nope, just an extra character to store crap on that is parked in town. A little bit of convenience when you want to buy/sell things and don’t want to travel to the AH on your main character - as long as you are near a mailbox you can just buy stuff on your AH alt and mail it to yourself.