What is the current average ticket wait time?

Hey so I’ve had a ticket in for a week now with 0 response. Just wanted to ask around if anyone else is currently waiting for a long time and if there’s a reason or if its just because they’re busy before wrath launch

Depending on the ticket type, they can end up in different queues. But a week would likely be on the far end of most tickets and you should likely expect a reply soon as long as you got a ticket number when you put the ticket in.

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I actually see two open tickets, Izarak.

One is 6 days - the other is 7 days old.

This is far longer than we’d like, but they are trying to get to everyone as quickly as possible. Hopefully these will be coming up in queue relatively soon.

Again, I apologize for the delay.


Would you possibly look into my tickets as wotlk is about to come out and my entire next week is basically down the drain.

Orlyia can look into and verify that they are indeed in the queue, but is not involved with the handling and resolution of them.


Hi can someone please review my ticket? :slight_smile: I had a GM ask for more info and I responded like 2 mins later and now waiting 2 days for response

Please be mindful that this is someone else’s thread that had been asked and answered. If you wish to make an inquiry of your own, it is advisable to make your own thread so that conflicting issues stay separate.

Ticket times are averaging 6-8ish days at the moment, but I don’t believe they’re taking that long for follow-up responses. The systems are just so bogged down that it’s just taking a lot longer to reply to things across the board. The staff are as frustrated by it as the customers are.

Also, while Orlyia can see tickets, any Blue on this forum who responds has nothing to do with tickets. These forums aren’t a place to bypass the ticket queue. They don’t review or answer them and they cannot give GMs a nudge to prioritize one over another. You will just have to wait on a GM response to your ticket.


I have one listed as average wait time 9 days

Those are estimate times based on the oldest ticket in the system. As an estimate, it will fluctuate. A SFA had said just a day or so ago that regular tickets (of the nonbilling variety) were averaging 6-8ish days.

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