What is the best role-play server?

Hello everyone. I’m going to be posting this on every role-play server forum to try and get the best responses.

I’m really into role play, and I’ve been trying very hard to find a permanent server to call home. I would like to know, in your opinion, which of the three RP servers is the best for roleplaying? I do care about raiding of course, but having an active and healthy roleplaying community is my primary concern. I’ve tried all three and so far haven’t been completely satisfied. Grobb is filled with immature and toxic non-RPers as well as people who don’t take RP very seriously (ie inappropriate names and lore breaking behavior), Deviate Delight has a really small horde population, and Bloodsail Buccaneers I’m not sure what to make of yet since I only just started trying it out.

I’d love replies from RPers who’ve tried out all three, but any relevant responses are very appreciated. I plan on primarily playing Alliance characters if that helps at all. If nothing else, hopefully this at least sparks some good discussion about the roleplaying community in Classic.

I’ll definitely go ahead and tell you that RPPvP servers are a mess. They have been since they started out, and they’ll continue to be forever. It drastically cuts down on what you can do out in the world due to flagging, and that tends to have a pretty negative effect on RP events and the like out in the world.

Bloodsail Buccaneers is a fantastic server with a great community. Alliance in particular has a nice stable roster of guilds with plenty of space for new guilds to crop up. We’ve got several weekly social events open for any and all. We’ve got a great big Noblegarden Gala planned for the last Saturday of April. We’ve even got a server-wide roleplay campaign that will be getting started later in April where multiple guilds and guildless individuals are all welcome to partake in a struggle against the corruption in the House of Nobles.

We’ll definitely be happy to give you a welcoming community! And while unfortunately a lot of the traffic in our Discord is pretty much entirely focused on PvE, feel free to /join RP in order to get access to the OOC chatter channel for roleplayers. Show up to Journey’s End in the Park on a Thursday with Lorith, a Taco Twednesday in the Rook’s Nook in the Park, to Eternity’s End wandering happy hour, or the madness of the Strongale Saloon, and make some new friends!


alliance side is trash horde side is better for the horde

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Is this a good server? I’m looking for a good RP server horde side. Last thing I want is to stumble in to an elitist and negative scene at the top of the game. I’m a really chill person in RL, and I’ve been meeting lots of angry, trash talkers. Just curious. Thinking about moving here.

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