What is the best role-play server?

Hello everyone. I’m going to be posting this on every role-play server forum to try and get the best responses.

I’m really into role play, and I’ve been trying very hard to find a permanent server to call home. I want to know, in your opinion, which of the three RP servers is the best for roleplaying? I do care about raiding of course, but having a healthy roleplaying community is my number one concern. I’ve tried all three and thus far haven’t been completely satisfied. Grobb is filled with immature and toxic non-RPers as well as people who don’t take RP very seriously (ie inappropriate names and lore breaking behavior), Deviate Delight has a really small horde population, and Bloodsail Buccaneers I’m not sure what to make of yet since I only just started trying it out.

I’d love replies from RPers who’ve tried out all three, but any relevant responses are very appreciated. I plan on primarily playing Alliance characters if that helps. Hopefully this will at least get some good discussion going regarding the RP community on Classic.

I have never played on BB so I have no opinion on that server, I have played DD alliance and Grob Horde and my opinion is that while grob has more RP, the community is better on DD. Although RP is fun, ultimately the server community is more important.

On either server though, RP is in the minority and you have to seek it out. Also, never join world chat, it will ruin the fun.

I see. I’ve grown tired of Grobb’s community, so I’ve been seeking other options. Already got a horde toon on DD and leveled him up too far to delete him and made too many friends to transfer him to make room for an Ally character. Even though I’m horde, I can definitely confirm the community seems better than Grob, in my own experience at least. Just wish I would’ve thought it through more before leveling my character so far.

Still I appreciate your response.

I don’t participate in the server discord, so my interaction with the horde here is limited to this forum, but all indication is they have a great community too.

Ultimately, you can find a good community on either server. The difference is on grob the good community is the minority and here it is the majority.

It is an interesting topic, I’d like to hear from someone who has played BB and what that server is like

The best RP server is where one finds a community they care about.

Larger communities will have bigger and more frequent events.

Smaller communities have more room for one to make an impact.

Go where you feel the most at home, and put your effort into it. Make connections, and work to make whatever server you choose a place worth logging into.

That said, we’d love to welcome you here. Holler at me, Vorghana, Sharptusk, Thraxz, Franquito, or any number of other people who are active in community building. There is a place for you here.

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I feel like Grobb is an overloaded server with a bunch of B-Holes running the guilds. I agree with the above poster. I’m actually looking to get OFF Grobb because of my experience with the community. People go out of their way to berate me and make me feel bad if I respec ret to have some fun in the world. I’ve recently been kicked form WPvP raid just because somebody inspected me, and I had more points in ret at the time. I was on my way to heal them, too. I have a bad taste in my mouth with Grobbulus.

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So to amend and update the contact names: Landlubbers: Yda and for Order of Forsaken see Skullcap.

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