What is the best role-play server?

Hello everyone. I’m going to be posting this on every role-play server forum to try and get the best responses.

I’m really into role play, and I’ve been trying very hard to find a permanent server to call home. I want to know, in your opinion, which of the three RP servers is the best for roleplaying? I do care about raiding of course, but having a healthy roleplaying community is my number one concern. I’ve tried all three and so far haven’t been completely satisfied. Grobb is filled with immature and toxic non-RPers as well as people who don’t take RP very seriously (ie inappropriate names and lore breaking behavior), Deviate Delight has a really small horde population, and Bloodsail Buccaneers I’m not sure what to make of yet since I only just started trying it out.

I’d love replies from RPers who’ve tried out all three, but any relevant responses are very appreciated. I plan on primarily playing Alliance characters if that helps. Hopefully this gets some good discussion going.

Every server is going to have it’s up and downs, so it’s hard to label one as the “best”. I can’t speak much for the other two, though I have heard they’re smaller in population in general, and thus likely to have less RPers.

Grobbulus may be skewed in favor of non-RPers, but personally I haven’t had much grief to deal with, so it’s possible you’re just getting unlucky. That said, I do attest to seeing a lot more RPers who aren’t as lore-strict? Not saying I’ve seen too much outright breakage, but people definitely toe the line. Am I a total fan of it? No, but you need to learn to cut your losses.

Grob has a lot of good going for it in general; population is relatively healthy, the RP community is a decent size, and there’s a lot of people just starting to get into RP. I’d say you won’t be wasting your time here if you’re actually willing to put in the effort, step out of the comfort zone and maybe lower your standards a little.

The issue with being an RP server in Classic is that it’s less casual and overall RP-friendly than retail, there’s also not many new players coming to the servers. Population tends to settle and only go down as time goes on.

Hope my little analysis there helps you make a decision, though.

On here horde RPing is more common, while Ally are more just out in the world walking around. Or getting into a guild. Grob is a mixed bad, when the RP happens it’s great, most people aren’t really toxic as people make it out to be. Most just RP what they want. I mean we’ve had events like Grobchella and all that in the past. I guess we’re more old school less tradtional roleplay.

So if you’re use to Modern day retail RP I.E Get into a guild show up at this time, with this or that. Sorta like raid night, I hear bloodsail is better.

Grob’s popuation is a majority of a mixed bag in general, If you’re soley after RP though retail may just generally be better since it’s more of a closed gate idea. Though there are a few heavy RP guilds on here.

I can’t speak for other servers besides from what i heard but DD Doesn’t have the population, and Bloodsail has a more… Softer look on RP more akin to retail.

Hope ya read this, and got any questions please ask!