What is the best covenant for rogue?

Started leveling my rogue in the hopes a new pickpocket weekly quest would be added. What is the best covenant to go with them?

Also, what is the most fun covenant ability for rogues?

For arenas and bgs specifically.

Necro are the besto

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^ what he said

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Depends, you can really go anything but kyrian, and even that’s not awful.

If you plan to play assassination necrolord is pretty good. Otherwise I’d go venthyr or fae.
Venthyr for the damage and fae for soulshape restealths.

As far as most fun? None of the rogue specific abilities are particularly cool or engaging. I’d say soulshape is the most fun to use though.

I’d say Venthry is best for sub rogue players that have mained rogue for a long time. The covenant ability does more damage than any of the others, and they’re used to kiting for restealths.

If you’re new and playing Sub, I’d personally advise Night Fae. Take the Septic Shock conduit and use Sepsis in your openers or out of stealth for big eviscerates and extra HP, and use Soul Shape to run for restealths. It’s sub rogue on easy mode, and is a lot more fun and forgiving if you’re new to the class/spec. Sepsis does only slightly less damage compared to Flagellation if it’s allowed to tick for its full duration.

If you’re wanting to play Assassination, Necro is the best choice followed by Venthyr.

If you’re wanting to play Combat, don’t and roll something that actually does well in PvE.

naa fam combat all the way if I get people to q with me lmao

None of them. But if I liked Fae’s aesthetic or free resets I would say that’s the most fun or utility-filled covenant due to just being able to get free resets while holding step and sprint or just cycling mobility cds in general.

I haven’t tried necrolord yet just to not playing this character often, but fleshcraft’s utility would make it a second favorite, but I don’t like the necrolord rogue ability much

Besides that venthyr and kyrian are pretty boring pre and post nerf. But if you like Condemn for the big dam (and w/o death sentence because it’d be a bad comparison), then you’ll prob like venthyr for the big dam

Venthyr feels the best for sub, night fae is solid but flagellation makes it feel like we do damage

Necro / nightfae / venthyr are really good for sin. But I’d probably choose necro primarily

So clunky to use.

All the cov abilities are clunky except kyrian but that one sucks

At least slimey knives generates CPs