What is reduced subs is what they are looking for?

What if Blizzard wants people to unsub so they can lay off more employees? it could explain why no bugs have been fixed after SL release. No balance changes and absolutely no fixes to cr in arena.


What? That makes no sense.


There have been plenty of bug fixes (ww, wild spirits) and balance changes (buffs to most underperforming specs, nerfs to ret snd boomie).

“A tin foil hat is a hat made from one or more sheets of aluminium foil, or a piece of conventional headgear lined with foil, often worn in the belief or hope that it shields the brain from threats such as electromagnetic fields, mind control, and mind reading.”


It’s probably for the best that they get paid less than the industry standard. These developers hardly care about their game at all. Might as well lower their pay some more since they fixed nothing for the past year.

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You didn’t really think this thread out very much, did you?


Except there have been many bug fixes and balancing changes since the release of Shadowlands. Maybe not the changes the original poster wants but there have been changes:

Please note, that PVP is considered a team sport. There will never be balancing of 1 vs 1 in this game.

If they wanted to lay off more employees then they would lay off more employees.

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Not all conspiracy theories need to be aired out online, less they make the origin of them look ridiculous.

This is pretty much grasping at nothing hoping to stir the pot.

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This is why intro to economics and business should be a required class in high school, right next to civics.

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They fixed the foam toy not working. It’s the only Bug I’ve ran into.

That would be silly.

“Bob, we’re going to alienate the audience of the game so we can shrink it, which means the game makes less money, which means we have more justification to fire people which saves money on the product we deliberately want to lose money.”


My first thought was “What if you took Economics 101?” but then I figured this must be a Sunday Troll thread, just 3 days early.

I don’t think they want people to leave, I think they expect people to leave.

Top Blizzard game designers (I’m thinking of Watcher, but it may’ve been someone else) have talked in past interviews that they believe WoW has developed a “cyclical playerbase”, that is - they expect large numbers of people will come back and buy a new expansion, play for a month or two, then leave.

People quitting the game is baked into their expectations.

I don’t feel that’s a good take on their part personally, but I don’t make the game.

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I think it’s much more likely they’ve managed to combine bureaucratic incompetence with extreme corporate mismanagement through cost cutting and poor metric choices.

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Yikes. Just no.

Crazy people making crazy threads.

I dont know if it’s about losing employees but its obvious they purposely release flawed content. Either to save the day way later by fixing or simply not caring.

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It seems like this is the industry standard now. Push the product out the door and let the players do the Quality Assurance testing

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