What is Netherwind like?

I was thinking of transferring here with the free realm xfer blizz is offering. I wanted to know what the community is like?

Its a good server but super toxic to transfers. Thalnos had tons of people transfer here months ago but they left after being essentially black balled for not speaking english. Everything is camped pretty close to 24/7. GL with Black Lotus or any decent farming spot. Dont understand why they opened a balanced server with medium to high pop for transfers. Only a matter of time before we get a queue now I guess.

lol I did /who eastern plaguelands last night and found four people. Doesn’t seem camped to me.

It was a good server until last week now its flooded and the prices of almost anything worth buying have gone up considerably.

it was a great server before the x fers now its a dumpster

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