What is going on


why is it that tier gear got removed, and replaced with crap azerite gear where everybody has the same azerite powers…you get these different developers in and they think they have a good idea, it may seem that way to them but, i really think it turned this game around, and your losing people because of it, Battlegrounds are the same nothing got added. I usually look forward to that every Xpack, I dont even Arena anymore because its such crap. The game is fun, but not as fun as it used to be when you had to work for things, like questing Etc…its not even a challenge anymore, i mean come on. this game is not a challenge anymore, it used to be, thats why i played it all the time, the talents have been shietty since they have got changed…sorry i had to vent, wonder if anyone else feels the same.

(Gwenchan) #2

They are experimenting because it’s beta for azeroth. The problem with tier sets is you have to be creative in the bonuses. Not only that separate designs for each class gear need to be made which takes time away from making reskinned mounts for cash shop.

Lastly azerite gear is simple enough to put in a mobile game.

(Hateoraid) #3

Don’t say stuff like this, I don’t need this type of negativity in my life.

(Gwenchan) #4

My apologies. That was mean. But it was not directed at you…unless you came up with it after seeing legion artifact weapons.

(Salmonsteak) #5

There was a new BG. Yes it was released in super late Legion but it is directly associated to BFA with the azerite gathering.

I actually dont rmb the name of that bg but its the one where you jump off the airship