What is going on with the Horde?

Let me preface this by saying I am aware ironforge.pro is not completely accurate nor is it an authoritative source…however, it is the best source for server population that I am aware of and I check it from time to time. I notice that Deviate Delight has, for the first time ever passed the 70/30 alliance threshold. Are people on the horde side leaving? Anyone know why this is? I’d like to see a more balanced server…but the imbalance seems to be getting worse!

Another day, another population post.

Half allies are corpses on ground


While I do believe it is ok for healthy discussion about the state of Deviate Delight, persistent posts deter transplants. It weakens our ability to grow and establish trust and roots in what we have built. I in no way mean to attack your line of questioning. You are just the most recent of posts.

The Horde is alive and well on Deviate Delight. We have banded together. We are master adapters and survivors. Do not worry, darling. We can still slaughter you.


I am not on able to play enough to have really noticed this balance issue, but, if I had to give my opinion, why not change to Horde?

I image you can transfer your gold getting someone to help you by using the neutral auction house, selling all of your stuff to a vendor or your faction auction house, and then just a random gray or single on the neutral one for your assistant to buy.
From there, make a Horde character and have your friend meet you there. He or she buys from the neutral auction house, you delete your character(s), and then they meet you in your starting area and trade you the gold. I know I’ve got a few bags I can just part with, mostly 14-slots from fishing.

Another thing, from a community standpoint, are there more bots on the Alliance side than Horde? If so, that could very well be a chunk of the problem. 30 real people playing on Horde vs 45 real people, 35 leveling bots, and 60 dungeon or world grinding bots on Alliance.

Finally, and I don’t know if this matters, does the faction balance look at all characters per account, or accounts? I know I have a main, an alt I am trying to work on, and 2 bank alts, but I do not know if the balance looks at that and says I am 4 Horde players or 1 primarily Horde account.

As I have stated before in another post, I do not believe faction balance matters now that battlegrounds are out, and I stand by that (no matter how many people are still trying this as a PvP server and ganking randomly as apposed to the RPPvP server that it is), but another thing might be a lack, if any, world boss kills on Horde side (the lower faction).
If people are looking at the faction balance of Deviate Delight and want to get in on some of that world boss loot, but can’t because the dominating faction is, well, dominating it and not sharing, then there is another reason for the balance being further apart.

These are just my thoughts on the matter. I will continue to play on Deviate Delight because, for better or for worse, it has become my home and my guild my family.


The horse side feels right knit and like a family. Sure groups are hard to form at times but I’ve meet some really cool people