What is going on with character names?

It was my understanding that with SL character names no longer had to be unique? Is that still the plan, and it’s just not implemented now, or what? Just curious. Thanks!

What gave you that idea?

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I was trying to make a new toon, and the name was not allowed. Just like on Retail. However, I could swear I remember hearing, when they first announced the xpac, that you would be able to use whatever name you wanted, even if it was already taken by someone else.

Yeah no. That was never announced. There has been zero name rule changes.


I know a couple expansions ago, they announced that you couldn’t just park a level 1 and camp a name forever anymore, I think they said that after so long without being even logged in the name would become freed up. But that’s the only change with names as far as I know.

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I don’t think they’d ever free up a name of a toon on an active account no matter how long that toon has been inactive. They free up names after a account has lapsed after a certain amount of time.

There are reports from players claiming that inactive alts on their active account have had their names taken away, but whether you choose to believe them is up to you.

I have toons who haven’t been touched in 10 years who still exist. Anyone who loses a name has unsubbed.