What is going on with all the lag

What is going on with the servers lately? It’s almost unplayedable with how BAD the lag is going.
Anyone on the west coast and just lagging out of their asses?

It’s happening to me too as of last night, randomly shooting up to 200 or higher ms for no reason at all, no matter where I am in the game. nothing changed on my end so it has to be something on WoW’s end.

I’m going to keep fukiing bumping this thread until one of the GM’s see this and then realize that maybe when theres multiple people complaing about the same thing there MGIHT JUST BE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE SERVERS, HERE’S HOPING THEY UNDERSTAND THIS.

Even if several people are lagging playing the same game, it doesn’t exactly mean the problem is the server they’re connecting to. Sometimes you can all be connecting from the same region, or share an ISP or routing peer. Hard to say without WinMTRs demonstrating the lag.

What are you even saying

I’m saying that every day someone posts about lag, and if someone else says they are also lagging, both generally assume it is a problem with the game server. But that’s not always the case. Most times the players are in the same general area and having problems with an internet route they share to reach the server.

The staff acknowledged some issues with Oceania servers earlier in the day. If you’re not in Oceania, then you need to provide network tests (as requested in the pinned threads) so the community (and sometimes staff) can help you figure out where the problem is occurring. Without the test data, no one can say why or where it’s happening.

So you want me to just copy the text to the clipboard, and just post it here?

Yes, do that. Or on Pastebin.com and link us.

Chicago here and I have lag and am playing with someone in Michigan who as lag too. I do fists of fury for 30 seconds. lol is Blizzard getting DDosed or something? time 6:10 cst 3/7/21 So it is not just the west it us the midwest as well.

Are you playing on a Chicago server, though? I’m playing on Area52, but from the South, and not experiencing any lag.

Yes playing on my native server near Chicago. It was interesting to see that it was the west and midwest having problems. So it strange becuase I checked my other programs for lag on the internet like Paltalk, Discord and they are not lagging at all.

Yeah I’ve been experiencing this issue leveling my alt in WoD zones. I’m on the east coast but this all started happening recently last week after a server reset. Ever since the lag has been unbearable. It didn’t seem like there was lag when I was in Orgrimmar but then I go back to WoD and it spikes up all over again.