What is a good Wyrmrest rp server to join?

I’m somewhat new to the game, and I think it’s about time for me to join a guild. I would prefer a rp guild for the Horde, but I don’t know where to find or how to apply for one. I play on Wyrmrest Accord-US if anyone could point me in the right direction.


Guild Directory

I’d look here first, to see if you spot any guilds that you find interesting! Welcome to the server!


Welcome to WRA ,hord is ok, but should have played Alliance.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXVMGNQx6G8 This is guide about expansions and all that confusing stuff which will come to you later on.

If you want to join guild you can ask in trade chat and you will get an invite which will pop up on your screen, or you have to search for it, there is option. Simply click ( J ) on keyboard and it will pop up. After search option shows up you can apply some filters, such as guild size,main play style etc, then click Search. Since you are looking for RP guild, go for one which has RP descriptions. You should have played Alliance really,we are better but.

I would say it is better to get known in RP society first, not all of us are role-playing even it is RP server, there is so much more to do. After you get into society you will eventually get into good RP guild,also check trade chat for information, some RP events will pop up there, than just whisper the player who mentioned about it by /whisper player name. /whisper Okkashu if I wanted to whisper you for example. If player name is hard to spell because of letters, just click on their name in chat and you will whisper that way.

Usually you do this less on Alliance side because we have better names but its ok to be hord.

You will have more and more questions because there is huge story before the game, past expansions,quests,dungeons,raids and so on, this is why it is good decision that you want to join guild., I wish you good luck and do not turn War mode on until you are ready for it, Tauren meat is known to make good steak :slight_smile: .
Should have played Alliance but its ok to be hord.

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