What if we DON'T want Burning Crusade?

So with the rumor mongers screaming “Early Naxx and then BC,” I must ask:

What if we want to stay Vanilla Classic and not go to BC? Would some jump to BC and some stay Vanilla? And transfers to the remaining Vanilla-only servers?

I know it’s just rumors, but I want to play Vanilla and not BC.


That’s fine. Most people want TBC though. There will still be classic servers. They’ll probably have to consolidate most of them though as majority of realms will be dead once TBC comes out.

The early naxx people are wrong. It won’t come out before February. Blizzard for some time has released raids on a 6 month schedule. This includes retail and classic. The starting point for AQ raid wasn’t the end of July. It was the first two weeks of August. Meaning The earliest we will see naxx is first week of February.


I highly doubt they will just force everyone to TBC. However, if these forums are any indication, the majority wants TBC. If that’s true, the most likely scenario is they change all realms to TBC, then give the Classic only people a chance to transfer to permanent Classic servers.


These forums hardly represent the majority of anything, this forum is an echo chamber.

The vast majority of classic WoW’s playerbase don’t even post here. Some people just have this sick desire to see classic fail, mostly retail players, and they’ve been completely open about it from the very beginning.

Until Blizzard themselves actually say anything, TBC is not even worth seriously discussing.


Would like to see that poll. Prior to the announcement that retail would be getting classic as a gift, at least one poll taken showed that the largest portion of players would prefer to remain in vanilla, than play TBC or WotLK or retail. After the announcement, retailers flooded the poll, who of course wanted as much content as they could consume, swinging the poll the other way.

Absolutely, and it is made up largely if not overwhelmingly by those playing classic simply because it was added to their retail sub.

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seems silly to me. i would prefer the og experience where the world changes and players need to adapt.

besides, blizzard will just end up doing the easiest method

oh and, polls are bull crap


That was prior. A year from now, the vast majority of players will have done everything vanilla has to offer, and they will be ready for something else. There will most likely be a relatively small group of vanilla forever diehards that will be consolidated onto a handful of museum piece servers, while everyone else will move on to TBC.


And again, the vast majority of them are retail locusts looking to simply consume content.

:man_shrugging: Outland content is a small fraction of what vanilla offered and will be zoomed through even more quickly. Then the locusts will be clammoring for WotLK.


I hate retail. I came back to WoW for Classic. But after two years of vanilla, including 6 months of clearing Naxx and longer clearing all the rest of the raid content, I’ll be ready for something else. I will have beaten everything game has to offer.

I don’t think this is a retail culture thing. Most people don’t play the same game over and over again forever. At some point people move on to something else. They may come back at a later date.


No reason to not have the discussion. True, they haven’t confirmed TBC, but it’s the most likely scenario considering how successful Classic has been.

It’s more likely that they are just like me: people who started in TBC and have fond memories of that time. I personally haven’t played retail since mid WoD, and I’d be there are plenty of Classic player who quit retail earlier than that who want TBC.

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Private vanilla servers were popular since vanilla ended. I personally do not care what “most people” want.

I am not arguing against TBC classic servers existing, just that I suspect that those who zoomed through classic, will zoom through tbc and wrath if it ever becomes a thing. Once all of that content is consumed I wager that either those people will return to vanilla classic or retail. I don’t see the xpacks as having the repeatability factor of vanilla.

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Seems to me that Blizzard will open up TBC. It’s content already made, they need a few minor adjustments like what we have for classic.

Ez money

I don’t know the data, but I would bet that very few of those players played on those vanilla private servers for more than a couple of years straight. They probably came and went.

Sure they will. But I’m not one of those impatient zoomers. They annoy me, too. But even I will have had my fill of vanilla for a while after 2 years of playing it.

Most people want separate servers and not have their classic museum destroyed by progressing them to tbc.

It’s the promise blizzard made, to leave classic permanently frozen museum.


You sure, man?

A Nostalrius guy is on Twitter talking about Naxx in December. I find him a bit more credible.


Agreed. I’m fine with BC servers as long as they are separate from Classic.


The survey Blizzard emailed to some people about TBC Classic implied there would be some option to stay in vanilla land. That’s 100% what I plan on doing. I didn’t put all this work into my characters just to have them obsoleted.


Classic is failing regardless of what motives you might think people have.

Gold buying
Cross faction collusion
Black lotus mafias
Ranker toxicity
World buff meta
99% faction populations on pvp realms

Classic is a joke because the player base figured out how to murder it a long time ago.


Yet here you are.


Much of that would move to the tbc servers.

If I could wave a magic wand I would:

  • swap AV to Korrak’s Revenge
  • wipe world buffs upon raid entry
  • tbc characters would be transfers, not copied
  • open 2 fresh vanilla servers, with faction ratio forced queues

Hell, I would be willing to sacrifice all that I have worked for if they simply converted existing servers to tbc, opened a few fresh vanillas with the above things implemented. I’d roll fresh without an ounce of regret, if it meant a drained swamp.

Botters would likely move to tbc, where the bulk of the players would then be.

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