What Horde Base would be the Next Neutral Allied Race?

So the Earthen being a Dwarf Base going Neutral ald giving us Horde Dwarves is gonna be…interesting to say the least.

But, rather than push back on this, why not take this thread and unravel it all the way to it’s logical conclusion: What if throughout the entirety of the Worldsoul Saga we end up with Neutral race variants across the board?

And going off this tangent, what Horde “Base” race would you predict or Manifest to be Neutral enough to pal around with the Alliance?

I saw some people speculate about Amani Troll during Midnight, which is a good stab in the dark, and my own personal “Hit the Pipe” theory would be Taunka in a Northrend Revamp, but Taunka may be a bit too horde Leaning in general to be Neutral in the grander scheme.

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Down with neutral races. We never asked for stone Dwarves and shouldn’t have gotten them, and Alliance fans never asked for Trolls and shall not get them. There are more than enough amazing and historically requested races and ARs out there that would make both fanbases happy. Go for them instead.


You best start believing in Neutral races, Miss Turner


They’re about as Horde leaning as the Darkspear trolls, since they’re actually full members of the Horde.

As far as neutral races I’d say some group of goblins.


Midnight being all about the elves makes it feel like it’d be an elven race going neutral. Of course, the Blood Elves already went neutral when we got Void Elves.

I could see Blizzard consolidating the Blood Elves and Void Elves into a single race and making them neutral, which I think would be slightly more popular than adding a fifth elven race to the game, but would still disappoint a lot of players.

About the only way I see them successfully adding a new race of elf to the game, is with different models. If it’s High Elves, as has been speculated a few times, then we’d need to see different elves than what we’re used to, with a reason for a different model, otherwise it wouldn’t make sense for Blood/Void Elves to not also have those models.

Since Azeroth is apparently throwing blessings around at the end of the latest raid, maybe she’ll transform the remaining High Elves. Seems reason enough. Give them Nozdormu and Alexstraza’s models, and a story focused on the welfare of all the elven races. I don’t think this will necessarily be good, but it will be less bad than alternatives, and more importantly, it’s not a copy/paste of the thalassian model for the third time (Void Elves, then Dracthyr Visage form being the first two).

I don’t know what Midnight will bring in terms of a new race. I’m not even sure what it should bring in terms of a new race. The above are just my thoughts on how they could go about it in a best case scenario, with the obvious option.


Maybe some alt undead they find in some cave.

Skinny Kul’tirans?

Honestly I can’t even begin to guess.

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As of Before the Storm, Forsaken. Apparently a lot of them want to go back to their living relatives and would be welcomed if they did so. Plus, the Alliance already has Death Knights so it’s not even much of a stretch.

… I think I just threw up a little.


If there is a new neutral race it will probably just be another version of blood elves in the blood elf expansion, so then it will be 3 blood elves and 3 dwarf races.

I posted a sick joke about Void Amani being a thing, sort of how people wanted High Elves and got Void Elves.

I think since Earthen are the neutral Race, Trolls would be the next best thing. Some sort of Troll variant. We got an Alliance themed race, so a Horde themed race next would be nice.

Though if Yrel makes a play, I can see maybe Lightbound Orcs under the AU son of Grom being a neutral race, after the dust settles. I think he is named after Garrosh but not necessarily his AU version, more like brother from another mother.

Another tauren sub species that magically appears probably. I dont see any orcs or trolls joining the alliance any time soon.

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Yeah, I took the OP sort of as :

“Neutral Races based off of current ones might be a thing going forward. Hopefully it isn’t another Alliance themed Race”

I think some sort of Tauren variant would be easier for everyone to deal with. Baine has the connection with both Factions, and Ebonhorn is neutral enough as well as has the stature to shepherd that process.

A Tauren type seems like it would match the Earthen more. I got it!

Void Tauren

Amani make absolutely no sense given both factions have Thalassians in.

I have a feeling the Amani will ally with the Void forces.


I would say that trolls are the most likely candidate. Elves would just be ripping off the consumer at that point.

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That’s my hope

They can just wait to give us evolved Nerubians and say they had feedback people wanted them. Boom.

It’s more like “If this is a thing let’s see how far we go with it”

A year ago no one had “Horde-Playale dwarves” on their bingo card and now it’s a thing. so lets go a little crazy and see what happens


Troll is the Horde anaog to dwarves. We’re gonna get some kind of troll.

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Amani Trolls in Midnight.

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