What happened to the Velonara/Moorgoth quest chain and scenario that were planned for 8.1?

I really liked dark ranger Velonara and “Death-Hunter” Moorgoth, from the hunter class hall (Trueshot Lodge), they were a pretty cool duo. Wowhead claims there was a sequel quest chain about them, and that they remained friends.

This quest chain made it partially to the 8.1 PTR, but never reached live servers.
Is this happening in Shadowlands instead? I really want to see them hang out again. <3

Anyone else misses them?


I remember seeing a beta build that had one of the quests from that chain updated. I’ll try to find it.

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Found it. It was updated back in build

So don’t lose out hope yet.


That’s amazing, thank you!
EDIT: could that be a breadcrumb for a dark ranger appearance unlock chain?