What happened to placing all 4 totems at once

that was one of my favorite things about shaman


I miss that too. It’s been gone a long time.


Most of your totems are not upkeep ones so thats why its gone. Even at the current time there would be no reason to want to drop 4 totems at a time unless you were maybe enhance. Because as ele all you have is tremor, cap, healing, and earthbind. Enhance only has tremor, cap, healing, earthbind, and windfury. Most of these have different cds from one another and are used in specific scenarios rather than all the time as your dps doesn’t revolve around them.


I move all my totems off my bar and nobody can stop me!


I like how it felt and it was fun. That’s a reason.

If you don’t like totems that’s fine, just wish they’d kept it as an option for those that like totems even if they were upkeep.


You just liked pressing the button and seeing 4 totems pop up? Are we talking like the Wrath era I believe this existed, or the BFA talent?

Either way I highly doubt this will come back. There was a lot of nice totem lover stuff in BFA though. Particularly for enhancement with the ability to place 4 buff totems as a talent and giving stormstrike a chance to plop down a windfury totem that doubled windfury’s chance for a while with an azerite trait.

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Good riddance. It was a dumb maintenance buff.


*To you. Lol


Yes, I used to use a 4 x 3 action bar JUST for totems, and then a bit later, we had a button to call 4 totems down at once AND a skill to pull them back up which would also give us a partial refund on the mana we used to place them.

I was just posting about their horrible choice to remove our ‘control’ from the class. In my opinion, they’ve completely changed what made Shaman truly different.


The “You think you do but you don’t” mentality is just one aspect destroying this game.


It wasn’t much different in Wrath. Had a few options for different scenarios, but for the most part you just put them on a macro.

Lol. Your comment made me think back to the warlords of draenor fiasco
Ion “you think you want flight but you really don’t”

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That was not said about flying, it was said about Classic, and it wasn’t Ion that said it.



When Warlords of Draenor first hit, some fans were surprised to discover that even upon reaching the new level cap of 100, they couldn’t fly with their air-based mounts in the new zones. Initially Blizzard expected to patch in flying at some point, but now it has changed its mind.

" “Having looked at how flying has played out in the old world in the last couple of expansions, we realized that while we were doing it out of this ingrained habit after we introduced flying in The Burning Crusade , it actually detracted from gameplay in a whole lot of ways,” Hazzikostas explains. “While there was certainly convenience in being able to completely explore the world in three dimensions, that also came at the expense of gameplay like targeted exploration, like trying to figure out what’s in that cave on top of a hill and how do I get up there.”
Hazzikostas gives an example: Before flying was introduced to World of Warcraft, if you got a quest to rescue a prisoner from an enemy encampment, it would play out a certain way. Players would need to fight their way through the camp. After flying, players could just fly into the center of camp, land on top of the hut where the prisoner is, free him and fly out.

“It made the world feel in many ways much smaller,” he says.

Originally, Blizzard took out flying in Warlords of Draenor as an experiment, and Hazzikostas says he would have bet “slightly better than even money at the time” that they were going to bring it back eventually. But as they played the expansion and watched others play it, they discovered that they liked the game better without flying.

“The world feels larger, feels more dangerous,” he says. “There’s more room for exploration, for secrets, for discovery and overall immersion in the world. At this point, we feel that outdoor gameplay in World of Warcraft is ultimately better without flying. We’re not going to be reintroducing the ability to fly in Draenor, and that’s kind of where we’re at going forward.”

Hazziokostas confirms that this direction includes future expansions, though he doesn’t discount the possibility of adding flight options in to specific expansion ideas or zones that would benefit from it. In general, though, he believes that exploration in Blizzard’s massive world “works better and feels better in our view when you’re doing it from the ground.”



Yes. You’re going to make me find the picture of Juju dancing with all of her totems.

I loved the Goblin totems.

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Its so great seeing people that haven’t played shaman in what…a decade…tell me why shaman are no longer unique.

Shaman being buffbots was a horrible design decision, and I was excited when they corrected their mistake and went away from it.

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And what are we, now?

We were the offensive support class. A very, very clear gameplay niche.

Our fantasy is still strong, but what is a Shaman, mechanically?

Yes. We were a class shunned from 5 man content. A class you would take 1 for raid content. Never a second.

The totems ensured shamans didn’t stack in raids, because the effect of bringing so many buffbot totems was the personal dps stunk.

A DPS. Just like any other DPS in the game?

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Dumb to you, but I thought it added flavor to the class. Class fantasy is still a thing, yes?

I am not a fan of class flavor hurting the class from a gameplay perspective.

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