What happened to my newbieness


I just re-made a new character, playing through the zones I started in. When I started, I was so careful of the big ettins in redridge or gilneas, or trying not to get in danger more, a bit more immersed. I’m maxxed now, but what happened to that immersion? That ‘noobiness’ per say.


Game is too accesible nobody is a noob anymore.

(Pänic) #3

Experience trivializes new experiences.

I was the same when I was new to the game. I lvled my druid in Vanilla so I walked around in stealth everywhere. I didn’t know which zone would have creatures that would crush me or players that would decimate me.

I remember seeing a skull in place of a lvl on an enemy player and going, “Oh shiii”.

Now, everything’s mapped out, I know my rotations and am confident in them, lvl scaling means you can walk into any zone without worrying about walking into a lvl 50 zone as a lvl 20. Seeing a skull just makes me sigh because I know I look like bacon as I’ve grown accustomed to player behavior. Whereas before, I wasn’t really sure whether that skull would kill me or grant me mercy.

At max lvl, everything is scaled so generally, you know what you’re in for before you go there. There’s no suspense. The only suspense I really get is when I’m doing stuff in WM, which is why I keep it on.

Suspense is what hooked me onto this game. I remember countless battles in STV where I started to hit my stride in PvP (sucked at it prior to that) and had fun in all the moments it offered.

In short, it’s because it’s not new anymore. That’s why the ‘newbiness’ has faded. There isn’t much of the unexpected left so everything is pretty straight forward whereas it once wasn’t.

(Shadina) #4

It’s a shame because to the people who have played this game long enough and know how to read a room now, this kind of thing doesn’t happen anymore. It becomes more about being efficient, and math.

My lady and I always level alts together. I largely do the driving, and map out the quickest plan of attack that we both can stand. And, given that, we really just pull a whole zone and blow it up while we rant. Sometimes one of us goes on the forums while I drive, or the other drives on occasion. Etc. That feeling of wonderment that I had when I first went into 1k Needles back during Classic has long since been gone. It’s just one of those things. It’s a very hard thing to get back.