What happened to 8 second Divine Steed?

(Abcdefgeek) #1


Did it just fade away into nothingneessssss

(Tankar) #2

That was gutted pretty early in the patch beta.

(Zenal) #3

Pretty sure it was just a tooltip error. It was never meant in any sort of capacity to be implemented in any means.

(Lathander) #4

LOL if you thought that was going through to live.

(Divenity) #5

Correct, even when the tooltip said 8 seconds on the PTR it only lasted 3, it was just an error.

(Abruek) #6

They remembered they don’t give a f*** about our class.

(Sifu) #7

8s Divine Steed would have turned Pallies into one of the most mobile classes in the game which is not what they intend.

(Divenity) #8

Indeed… and it’s really not the kind of mobility we should have anyways. We should just move at above average speed and be hard to slow down (like we were before Legion with PoJ and Emancipate), not hypermobile like DH and Monk.

(Zeroburrito) #9

lol they would be able to cross all of wsg with 1 horse. that was never going to happen.


It was actually just a typo. :frowning:


(Abruek) #11

How did that even happen, someone had to go in and add that.

(Zeroburrito) #12

the chance is low, but it’s possible to type out that sentence as a typo.

(Zenal) #13

Oh hey Ythisens, big fan here. Loved your work over on the Arena forums a few months ago.

Keep it up man. <3

(Vhol) #14

Hey, don’t feel too bad. At least Divine Steed is off global now!

(Aesthetic) #15

Are you trolling?

(Vhol) #16

Yes , I am.

Sorry Blizzard cucked you.

(Taeldoriàn) #17

DS being off the GCD would be great. I’m honestly confused as to why the classes that already had fantastic mobility are getting their spells off the GCD when classes like DK/Pally aren’t and we suffer the most from low mobility.

We have 1 mobility spell on a 45 second CD (2 uses if you’re prot or ret, Hpals wouldn’t even bother with rol on that same row) and yet DS stays on the GCD while charge/leap/etc get taken off.

Obviously 8 second steed would’ve been fantastic but that’d make us very mobile (could steed out with roiling deceit and still have it up when you run back in for example) so rather than that can we just have steed off the GCD?

(Thantore) #18

Help us! Get us a leap! They’re fun!