What happen to battle pet quest lines?

Just made this new account last week and started out on the horde side, unfortunately my wife want to play on the alliance side. So i did a couple battle pet quest lines starting out in Brill and i think the last one was in Orgrimmar.

So i ditch that horde character and those battle pets i had, i like to have everything about this new character. Sadly i didnt like how Blizzard got this setup that is account wide.

So been roaming around in starting areas on the alliance side and few zones from it, i cannot seem to find any npc willing to give me a battle quest line. Feel like it is broken or is this one time deal?

I am pretty upset over this, cause i been putting alot of efforts into these pets in the last three days.

Does Audrey Burnhep in Stormwind offer anything?

/way #84 69.4 24.4 Audrey Burnhep

Nope nothing, i went out in next zone, near a farm she doesnt either. I think i need to goto the Barren (horde) and see that where it left off. But this shouldnt be like this though.