What exactly does haste affect in resto druid?

Does it affect the speed of the HoT Ticks, and is it noticeable if you get a lot of haste?

Correct and yes.

So a simple way to look at it. It ticks faster so each tick also interacts with your mastery and crit and any other external power procs i.e. trinkets, pots ect ect.

Does it have a cap point where too much haste causes problems? Also yes

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Yes haste does affect the speed of our HoT ticks, but it’s nonetheless our weakest throughput stat in terms of how it directly affects our spells.

It’s very strong, not because of how it affects our spells, but because it allows us to cast more spells.

But if you keep stacking haste, you’ll eventually reach a point where you’re just going OOM constantly from casting lots of weak spells. You want a lot of haste, but you don’t want more than you can reasonably make use of via casting more spells.

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Yes, haste will make your hots tick more times during the same overall duration. Haste is, for that reason, our strongest stat, generally speaking.

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Couple of responses eluded to this, but haste reduces global cooldown. Shorter GCD is generally more impactful for Druids than other healers because of Shapeshifting.

Other healers still want haste to avoid kicks more often and such.