What else does "1.12 is that patch" mean?

  • Mount prices versus rider training costs
  • Respec cost decay
  • Cloak and Helm option to hide
  • Dungeon limits on group size and min or max level character
  • Battlemasters in capital

Some good, some not so good. There’s a fair number of other patch changes that were discussed over a year ago to look at:

Which other things that haven’t come up in a while do you feel were better in an earlier patch?


We won’t be getting Tiger training and so on if people remember that.
No threat changes most likely.
I do think you can still 10 man most dungeons.
Fishing pools in game at start is more possible (Yay)
Possible fishing event in STV on weekends!
ST Class quest for everyone earlier most likely as well.
Quest rewards is big, I.E getting more money for quest at 60.

I’ll add to this as i remember, anyone else got anything worth noting that wasn’t in early parts of the game, but taken out that won’t be returning if it rolls with 1.12?


It means “path of least resistance”. I sense a theme.


I genuinely don’t remember there being a limit on level 60s going into lower level dungeons.


That’s because there was no limit.


Don’t forget, no unarmored mounts. Theres some other minor stuff too but its late and I cant recall right now. But yeah Ive expected all of this since they announced 1.12 as the base.

Edit: AHH it was fishing pools! But someone else already said it. But yeah.


It did not all happen exactly at 1.12. but the road leading to it.

with 1.12. we are losing

  • server only Communities in pvp, we will now have crossrealm pvp (called Battlegroups)
  • dungeon queues only at meeting stones (with 1.12. we can queue at Tavern Keepers for dungeons) (they might even make that xrealm, you never know…)
  • several Elite NPC´s will be removed, like at AV but also Uldaman entrance
  • single BG queue, as you can now queue for multiple BG´s at once (enables BG hopping)
  • raid content in it´s original balancing saw multiple nerfs
  • original 8 slot debuff limit is replaced by 16 debuff slots, which makes raid content up to AQ a lot easier
  • original pvp mounts are gone, the ones left are those we have in BFA right now
  • threat managemet for tanks made easier
  • warrior shieldwall changes
  • talent tree overhaul, making more builds equally strong (shadowpriest for example, but also fury warrior became a huge issue in pvp)

I am sure there is more, but overall, 2006 was not the best year for a true Vanilla experience. It was the first time I took a break from WOW; as I did not like what the game turned into. This happened again with WOTLK and Cata, that I stopped playing for similar game breaking changes.


One of my favorite memories was BG hopping. I can’t remember which direction it was, so maybe I have it wrong. I think we were in WSG, then AB popped before the gates opened, and we decided to hop, 5 capped, requeued, ended up in the same exact WSG we left which was now 0-2, killed the FC, then won it.

Everyone who did not hop, ended up in an empty BG, though. :frowning: I also remember leaving a BG that might not work well for us, to join the path of least resistance, only to have the horde premade follow us. :smiley:

But in the end, it´s kind of annoying to be able to just go somewhere else, while a battle has started. It´s just as bad as the people asking for “let them win”. It destroys a lot of fun, in my opinion.


I remember at least once where we were in WSG when AB popped and we were like “Ok guys we have two minutes to win this and take the queue, let’s go.”

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