What else can be changed to make arenas a safer place?

Hello Arena forums!

With Blizzard announcing they are changing or deleting many negative emotes and adding positive ones, it got me thinking…

What else can they do to make arenas (and all of PvP), a better and more welcoming environment for all players?

Here is the link to the list of changes Blizzard is making!

I personally would like to have both teams be anonymous so that way there can be no good way to harass people after matches!

I would also like to see /sit removed in instanced PvP combat, that way there is no sitting on people after they die.

What else would you like to see changed?

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I would like see people to post on their mains so we can laugh at them. /sit on people is fine cause after your character is done killing them it’s tired and needs a chair. I’d also like a cap on forum post based on character level, level 10s should have an opinion on a game when they haven’t even gotten out of the starting area. HOW CAN THEY TALK ABOUT ARENAS AND ITS NOT EVEN UNLOCKED YET AT THAT LEVEL?


So you openly want to harass someone?

In my personal opinion, it is not fine, and needs to be looked into.

Everyone can have an opinion on the game. From level 1-60, we all pay the $15 a month, so we all can voice our opinion as long as it does not hurt others.

Also, the starting zone ends at level 10, so a level 10 could be out of the starting zone.

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Not true or else the forums would allow lvl 1 posters, and not require at least lvl 10.


Do not allow whispers to arena players. idk how they do that.

Or, don’t allow arena players to talk in chat at all. Blizzard provides premade chat emotes or something. Things like a countdown on a player to indicate your focus for a burst window, a ‘good game’ macro, ‘attack healer’ macro, etc.

Ffxiv does this. It’s annoying a bit because you can’t ask anyone anything. Like, ‘why the heck did you focus the tank during that entire encounter?’ After a while, you just don’t care to talk to anyone and get used to the call out macros. It’s actually quite nice.

personally i think reducing another player’s hp to “zero” is toxic and arguably misogynistic. there should be a new arena reputation that is lowered upon each loss instead. high ranked, proven nontoxic players should be allowed to use suggestive emotes like /wave, /beckon, etc


While true, a level 1 can still voice an opinion by suggesting feedback in-game.

The forums used to have a lot of level 1-9 posters, but with the forums being updated, they chose to have active accounts with a character over level 10 to require posting.

This is actually an amazing idea!

It could be like trust levels for the forums!