What does Wyrmrest Accord think of BFA?

(Azhaar) #262

They said it would be a big surprise who burned Teldrassil.

(Azhaar) #263

Given how much interconnectivity there is on a single battle.net account, I have to assume that if they made a WoW 2 a lot of stuff would carry over. It would also be good policy for Blizzard to add legacy perks for veteran WoW players.

Of course, all this is pure pie in the sky. As I said, I don’t actually think they will do anything like this, at least not within the forseeable future.

(Sarestha) #264

They annoyed me by being right with that. But only because I was surprised by who burned Teldrassil!

Before you all call me a noob, here’s why. I trusted them. They said it wouldn’t be what we expected, and I was like “Okay, it probably won’t be the Horde being evil by burning Teldrassil. Either they’ll do it in response to Lordaeron OR it’ll be some big accidental Azerite explosion that the Alliance accidentally misconstrues as genocide.”

Then Sylvanas burns it to kill hope.

Like, what the actual fudge?

I was surprised by what happened, because they’d convinced me that I would be surprised by what happened. Therefore I didn’t think it’d BE the blatantly obvious answer of evil Horde, because it was gonna be more nuanced than that. And then, it was what I expected, but even more evil than I thought.

So I was surprised. But it’s the kind of surprise that you get when you’re a kid, and you see a pair of socks in a Christmas themed bag, under your parents bed. And you’re like “Mum, Dad, did you get me socks for Christmas? Because I really don’t want socks :neutral_face:” And they’re like “Nah, we’d never do that. We got you something way cooler :sunglasses:” And you start to get really excited and wonder what it could be, and then they’re like “Surprise! It’s socks! :smiley:” And you’re surprised, but unpleasantly so, because you TRUSTED THEM :sob:

I dunno where I’m going with that analogy. But yeah. Still mad at Blizz for that one.

(Sarestha) #265

That’d be a good idea. But yeah, I can’t see them committing to it. Especially not since games like WoW find themselves in a state of gradual decline. Raising the funds for a whole new game that may have increasingly dwindling support? Not necessarily a good business model.

(Azhaar) #266

Actually I thought that was dead on.

This whole expansion has been socks for Christmas and it wouldn’t be so bad if we hadn’t been promised a new bike.

(Taldorr) #267

I think that’s been a given since WoD.

(Ursuola) #268

I’ll be honest, I half-expected them to get on Twitch for a Q&A and go "the surprise was how unsurprising it was, you see :slightly_smiling_face: "

(Selowen) #269

It exists. I honestly enjoyed the leveling, but end game becomes a nusance real quick. I might be one of the few people that actually do like island expeditions, but I agree that they get stale after the fifth or sixth run and don’t reward nearly enough to consider it viable content. Honestly, there are a lot of things in BFA that I like in theory… here we are, though.

(Serph) #270

just finished 2.50 in FFXIV and remembering good stories in games again

(Ellivara) #271

Something funny - if you click ‘summarize this topic’, the first post that comes up is ‘best expansion ever’. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s the first post or likes received or whatever, but it did mildly amuse me.

(Grimoria) #272

Uhhhhh Tyrandes going awol doing her own thing, Gen’s helping her on that as he does that thing were he continues to go against Anduins orders with a #Sorryboss AHEM King*. And Velen is just chilling like a villain thinking how when they get that spaceship working again they will book it outta Azeroth. Gnomes aren’t real. And the Diamond Dwarf King is having us collect our main “plot” hahaha…“plot” resource. I’m not speaking for the void elves…you can’t pay me to. Uhhh Not gonna try and tell the two different colored dranei apart…who else am I missing…Oh yea. Pandas wear armor now.

(Bruticus) #273

I spend more time on this forum than I do ingame.

The most exciting thing this expansion is offering anytime soon for me is xp changes for leveling. Kul’Tirans, Zandies and a new zone are multiple months out, probably March for races and mid-spring for 8.2. I don’t see much in 8.1 to really get excited for, the raid is apparently good but that’s just going to leave me in the same position I spent all of 8.0, logging in to raid and that’s it.

I’m playing WoW like I did the last couple months of Legion; waiting for better promised content while I do the absolute minimum of current things because I’m burned out. That’s not how the start of an expansion should feel.

(Kirsy) #274

The Alliance side leveling experience was good. Zone stories and graphics seemed well tied together. Questlines flowed well. There were very few quests I didn’t like (Quillboar come to mind – their lair was annoying to navigate). I really enjoyed Drustvar and could have done that zone 20x.

Alliance side capital – visually well done, but trade chat cuts out as soon as you leave the dock area, making the rest of the city feel disconnected. The phasing is also disconcerting. I feel like they could have made the hub area a bit deeper and cut back on phasing.

I liked the Horde side questing well enough, but not enough to finish on one character yet. I absolutely hate the Horde side capital design. In theory, I’m sure it was fine. In practice, it was a giant pain.

Overall, I didn’t see much in the leveling that felt like we were in a battle for Azeroth. We were in a battle for zone questing until we hit the time gates for the war campaigns. Those felt too short and stunted to me, considering the expac is supposed to be about the faction war. They should have felt like more of a focus and less of a side quest.

Leveling armor was a bit bland. How many shades of brown can you use to differentiate a belt? Even if I like the belt, maybe a change in style occasionally? Also as usual, rep armor for exalted is a waste. We already have better armor by the time we hit exalted. Also-also, I did not feel the need to min-max armor depending on traits. I know that was important to some people, but I really didn’t care. I was pulling acceptable numbers regardless of which traits I had on. For a casual player, this was useless. Azerite armor is as boring as artifact power was by the end. I really don’t care how much azerite my armor has.

I was hoping island expeditions would be like the 3-man scenarios we had back in Pandaria. I loved the scenarios. But nope, the couple expeditions I did were both frantic and I didn’t like them.

Warfronts were fun to go through. Paying to go through them faster or to get more rep were much less fun. Still, I’ll give them a win with these. I would have liked to see the armor rewards increase in level much the same way armor did in Legion dailies.

Speaking of dailies, grinding out rep for flying was ok. Grinding out more for dark iron was…too much. I even tried spreading out the grind, but I ended up burned out hard. After hitting exalted, I no longer cared if I had a dark iron. I rolled one and promptly did nothing with her because I reallllly didn’t feel like leveling her to 120 to get racial armor. I question whether I’m going to bother with any other allied races because I’ve hated the grind for the ones I’ve done so far. I feel Blizz could have done better with allied races by just making them as character creation choices without forcing a grind – and give them all at once.

Burn out kept me from caring to level on Horde side, doing LFR or bothering with much PvP. I did level one toon in warmode and it was fun because I leveled in a group of 2-3. I really dislike not having a PvP armor set that gives advantage over PVE armor in warmode or other PvP.

Mission table is boring. I was bored with it after the first expac it was in. I really don’t want to see it in the next expac.

I haven’t bothered with a profession other than gathering in 2 expacs now.

Overall, it also feels like the patches are coming out too slowly.
If it wasn’t for friends and guildies, I wouldn’t be here. And as it stands, less and less of those are playing every day, so….


Similar to what a few others have said, I don’t hate bfa, but I also don’t like it. I’m pretty indifferent towards it with a lean towards dislike.

I do a combination of PvE and lately PvP, and I’ll sometimes watch RP while I recruit, but I don’t think you can keep yourself engaged with only one aspect of the game. At least, not at the moment.

If not for my guild, I might still be playing, though I would be doing what I did in WoD, and that’s mount/pet/toy/??? farming.

That said, I feel first patch is always too early to judge an expansion. Having played first patches for some time, it’s not always a good indication of the remainder of the expansion. My favorite expansions, I’ve known people to have quit in the first patch for a number of dissatisfied reasons.

I also don’t super feel that it’s shaping up to be another good expansion due to lack of communication or the overall issues that players have refusing to be dealt with. Some good examples are shaman and shadow priests, who have been complaining since actual beta, and even with this patch, still aren’t fixed.

At this point, all I can really do is keep enjoying the time I spend playing with friends and wait for it to get better. I’m easy to please, and I also have like $0 to my name so I don’t have a whole lot of entertainment haha

(Kopperschott) #276

I’ve been pretty happy with the expansion, but I rarely come by the forums these days since they’ve turned into a wellspring of negativity in a pretty non-constructive manner. These things being said, it seems that when Wildstar was shut down, its like a switch got flipped that makes my interest in playing MMOs next to zero, so although I spent some time with the patch today, I’m not sure if I’m ever gonna enjoy any MMO the way I used to.

Something broke inside when WS went offline, and it may have ruined me on the genre.

(Azhaar) #277

I feel that too. I’m not sure I’m driven completely from MMOs–in fact I made a thread looking for new potential ones–but Wildstar really resonated with me, and losing it hit hard.

(Carldorn) #278

I enjoyed Wildstar and was hyped for it when it launched. I didn’t think it would be get shutdown so fast. I’m sad about it too.

(Barnabas) #279

I’m kind of unsure HOW to describe my feelings on it. On the one hand, I definitely like the setting, and open hostilities between the factions (theoretically) open up some really big opportunities for dynamic plotlines both in the game story and RP.

That said, I definitely noticed it’s wearing down the community to some degree. I’ve enjoyed the game itself so far. I definitely was bored quicker in WoD than I am in BFA. So I guess, personally I’m enjoying myself well enough but I’m concerned over the impact it’s having on what seems to be a sizable chunk of the community’s desire to stay subbed?

(Sarestha) #280

This is what bothers me the most, to be honest.

I love the zones. I have greatly enjoyed the story. I don’t even mind the war (Although I’ll be mad if there’s a third one).

But I have NEVER seen an expansion polarize the community to this degree. And I disagree with Afrasiabi on this. It isn’t fun. It’s depressing.

(Azhaar) #281

Blizzard’s ad campaign playing up the division and Afrasiabi’s insistence that all is according to plan just underscore how out of touch they’ve become with their players.